Thursday, June 2

Such voting patterns can only suggest one thing - that UKIP do not understand what they are voting on. As excluded Conservative MEP, Roger Helmer has said: "UKIP's [voting] record speaks for itself..... often they have no idea how to vote. They frequently abstain. They have even on occasion asked for copies of the Conservative voting list because they no idea what to do." (Guardian Unlimited, 26 May 2004)
Their abysmal voting record contains some notable observations. Over the last twelve months, UKIP have abstained on resolutions to help the victims of the Tsunami disaster, assist the McCartney sisters in their fight for justice and efforts to create a single seat for the European Parliament. They have voted against resolutions on climate change, enlargement and various efforts to aid human rights abuse. One of the few times they voted in favour of a resolution, it was for a motion against the EU budget.
UKIPs voting record speaks for itself. The party whose Members were elected in order to defend British interests in the face of the "undemocratic" EU barely show up to votes where key British interests are at stake. It can hardly be said they are doing the job they were elected to do.

Note: The votes monitored are roll call votes. This poll does not compile individual roll call votes to each individual amendment of the reports in question. It includes only the final resolutions on each report, which are nevertheless indicative of how UKIP voted on each individual amendment.
Source: Europarl website

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Tom Hughes said...

Is it surprising that UKIP vote against most measures in the Parliament? They are an anti-EU party, and therefore could indeed be accused of nothing else than hypocracy if they voted in favour of things. UKIP believe that the European Parliament should not exist, or at least that there should be no UK MEPs in it and that it should have no say over UK law. Therefore they will of course act, as they promised, either to block measures so as to limit the power of the EU and its Parliament, or will abstain, as they do not believe in taking part in such a sham.