Thursday, June 16

Cranks and Gadflies: The Story of UKIP

"Crank and gadflies," is the name with which the Tories have recently branded UKIP, and it is under this title which the first in depth look into the dark inner workings of the UKIP Party has been published.

The thriller-writer Mark Daniel has recently traced the UK Independence Party shedding new light on its obscure origins and history, from an academic pressure group in 1991 to the euro-sceptic, deep-seated anti immigration party it is today.

The book lifts the lid on huge internal rifts, showing how UKIP's founder plundered the party's bank accounts to fight accusations of slander, and the recent story of a party member who became so enraged at a national executive meeting that he had a heart attack and died. This is not to mention the high profile spat with Robert Kilroy Silk.

The work puts on view how the party became infiltrated by the infamous British National Party and attempted to downplay the extent of the holocaust in the media. This is before going on to illustrate how the party which has been quick to point a finger accusing EU officials of financial foul play, has a few skeletons in its own closet. The book alleges how a UKIP south east European Parliamentary candidate stood for election in 2004 without declaring charges of housing benefit fraud against him.

It is no wonder then that the work sums up UKIP as no more than a party of "idiots, paranoiacs and conspiracy theorists... freelance artists... traders, whores and vagabonds."

Source: Cranks and Gadflies: The Story of UKIP by Mark Daniel The Daily Telegraph Books Saturday June 11th 2005

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Anonymous said...

I have just read the book. It has some useful background on the history and main figures but is not a balanced account as it clearly favours UKIP. For example how UKIP finances itself following the loss of Sykes money is glossed over and their general election results are not really covered.