Wednesday, June 8

European Parliament sends Farage and Co a clear message

The censure motion initiated by UKIP leader in the European Parliament, Nigel Farage, against EU Commission President, Jose Barroso hit the buffers today as MEPs in Strasbourg overwhelmingly voted to throw it out.
It was a rowdy voting session in the European Parliament, which began with an announcement that Tory rebel MEP Roger Helmer, had been expelled from the European People's Party (EPP) for adding his name to the motion. This was followed with a rapturous applause from the majority of EPP members obviously glad to see the back of him.
Chairman of the Independence and Democracy Group, Jens Peter Bonde, then publicly invited Mr Helmer to joint their ranks and sit with the likes of UKIP. This was something which even the staunch euro sceptic MEP declined.
When voting finally got under way the censure motion failed miserably. The motion could not even muster the complete support of the 90 MEPs who originally supported it, with only 35 MEPs voting in its favour. Even the likes of Jean Marie Le Pen could not support it in the final vote, citing the ill informed and unclear facts upon which it was founded.
A massive 589 MEPs rejected the motion, a clear signal that Farage's attempts to censure Barroso amounted to nothing more than an opportunistic and disproportionate publicity stunt.

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Gary said...

....And I think Farage, De Villiers & co helped the French and Dutch to send a very clear message to the European Parliament!