Friday, June 24


UKIP this week continued with their hypocritical voting standards in the European Parliament.
On Thursday MEPs voted on a report to establish a statute aimed at capping their pay. An overwhelming majority of the Parliament's members voted in favour of this, which when put into practice will cap their pay at around £60,000.
As things stand MEPs are paid the same wage as their colleagues in national Parliaments. This means great disparity amongst the euro MPs. Latvian MEPs currently earn around £600 a month, whilst their Italian counterparts rake in £10,000 a month. British MEPs earn roughly £55,000 a year.
All UKIP MEPs voted against the proposal, flying in the face of one of their fundamental aims - to stop the alleged financial drain the EU presents the tax payer.
It seems that UKIP are intent on protecting their generous pay packet. Last year when UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, Godfrey Bloom was asked about his parliamentary salary, he spluttered "I can't live on that!" and was hastily forced to back track by UKIP bosses.

Source: European Parliament minutes, York evening press, 27 July 2004

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