Tuesday, June 21

Mote attempts to deflect attention from Vote

Former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote today made an opportunistic attempt to divert attention away from a pending European Parliament vote on his immunity from prosecution.
UKIP removed the whip from Ashley Mote last year after learning that he faces trial over allegations of housing benefit fraud. Mote failed to inform UKIP leaders of a pending court case which only came to their attention after an article appeared in the Telegraph. The Telegraph reported that he is facing nine charges of false accounting and one of making a false representation.
Today Mote, released two letters one addressed to President of the European Commission, Jose Barroso accusing the European Court of Auditors of "fraudulent" auditing arrangements.
In a second letter to fellow MEPs, drafted jointly with recently expelled Tory MEP Roger Helmer, Mote criticised alleged attempts by European leaders to introduce aspects of the draft EU constitution "by the back door."
It is unlikely that such a smoke screen will divert attention away from the real issues in question. Members of the legal affairs committee look likey to vote overwhelmingly in favour of a recommendation to remove Mote's immunity from prosecution.

Source: The Telegraph June 15th 2004

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