Friday, June 24

Staffordshire South Sad "success"

UKIP today boasted their most successful Parliamentary election result to date. The party managed to poll 2,675 votes in the Staffordshire South election, coming home in fourth place. The poll, postponed from the May 5th general election, due to the sad death of the Liberal Democrat candidate Jo Harrison, was naturally a low key affair.
UKIP claimed success by polling a 10.4% share of the vote, up on the 10.3% they managed in last year's Hartlepool by-election.
UKIP can take little heart from this result. Firstly, turnout was only 38%. Traditionally it is low turn out which favours extremist, opposition parties. Secondly, this poll falls at an opportune time for UKIP. With the recent publicity surrounding the EU "crisis," and Tony Blair's trip yesterday to Brussels, European issues shot back to the top of the agenda, allowing UKIP to play their one and only party trick.
Their poll results are therefore nothing out of the ordinary, and merely in line with the level of support they received during the 2004 European Parliamentary elections.

Source: BBC news, UKIP

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