Sunday, June 5

UKIP vs VERITAS: Round 2

The row between UKIP and Veritas, the party headed by rebel ex UKIP MEP Robert Kilroy Silk, rumbled on this week with a dispute in the Greater London Assembly (GLA).
Last year UKIP threatened two of its ex GLA members with legal action after they defected to Veritas, despite being elected from the UKIP list. Damien Hockney and Peter-Hulme Cross have now renamed the party which they represent in London as UKIP-Veritas.
Hockney said “So important was this to UKIP that the Party Leader of UKIP himself Roger Knapman paid his first visit to London Assembly members as part of the attempt to ensure greater co-operation.”
Consequently UKIP issued a press release in which it details a completely different chain of events. "As regards the Veritas London Assembly members, Damian Hockney and Peter Hulme-Cross, UKIP confirms that it has recently been approached by them with a view to their leaving Veritas and re-joining UKIP.”
UKIP now look set to make a formal complaint to the GLA and the electoral commission. Veritas meanwhile had nothing to say on the matter, probably enjoying a return to the headlines after a hammering in the general election.
It seems ironic that the parties who both promised “straight talking politics,” cannot even decide on a name for themselves. In recent weeks they have tried to spin the result of the general election in their favour and now another high profile row is surely enough to confuse any potential voter.

Source: UKIP, Veritas

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