Monday, July 11

Batten on the defensive

In a week that saw Europe commemorate 6o years since the end of the second world war, ten years since the massacre in Srebrenica, and the worst terrorist attack on British soil, UKIP's spokesperson on foreign affairs Gerard Batten hit out at plans to create a European Defence Agency (EDA).
The agency which would predominantly be for humanitarian purposes and improved military co-ordination, would lay the groundwork for a rapid reaction force. This would be to prevent the kind of atrocities which have happened on Europe's doorstep over recent years.
Not being one to learn from the mistakes of the past, Batten branded the creation of the agency illegal. He likened the plans to the way in which Nazi Germany was left to set up "glider clubs" during the 1930's, which transformed into the brutal Luftwaffe.

Source: Parliament Magazine Issue 207

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