Friday, July 8


UKIP yesterday showed solidarity with other political parties in condemning the terrorist atrocities, which took the life of over 50 innocent civilians in London. In a statement, UKIP leader Roger Knapman extended his condolences to the victims families and praised the emergency services for their efforts.
Nevertheless, on a day when there was no political capital to be made, it appeared the UKIP affiliated party in the London assembly, Veritas-UKIP could simply not resist. A web blog endorsed by Veritas-UKIP, used the attacks as reason to launch an assault on London Mayor Ken Livingstone, Tony Blair, The Olympics and The London Transport System.
Although a disclaimer on the web site states that these are not the official views of the party, the fact that these ill timed, sarcastic views have been posted and remain available, whilst many lay critically ill in hospital beggars belief. As such offensive material has not been removed from the Veritas web site, it may be that the views are widely held throughout the party. This would go along with the anti Muslim sentiments made by Robert Kilroy Silk last year, for which he still refuses to apologise.

The comments appear on the Veritas web site.

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