Friday, July 1

Patents Harm Software- Tom Wise Letter to the Telegraph

SIR - The "Computer-Implemented Inventions Directive" (CIID) is an attempt, by the Council and Commission of the EU, to engulf software in the patent-system. It would expose software-producers to crippling claims from predatory patent-holders and so paralyse all but a few big players in the field. Next week, the European Parliament will vote on the CIID and approve it, reject it, or, by amendments, knock the stuffing out of it. The result will be close, because leading members of two large parliamentary groups, the European People's Party (to which British Tories are allied) and the Alliance of Liberal Democrats for Europe, will support it, while the Independence and Democracy Group (which includes UKIP), the Greens, and Socialists will vote against.In 2002, seeing the CIID as a stitch-up on behalf of big corporations, the European Parliament threw out the proposal. Not letting the Parliament have the last word, the Council and Commission reintroduced the proposals.
Tom Wise MEP (UKIP)Brussels

Source: The Daily Telegraph, July1 2005 Page 25

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