Monday, July 4

Titford takes on the Commission

UKIP MEP for the eastern region, Jeffrey Titford has this week submitted a written question to the European Commission. Titford has asked the Commission to outline it's plans on a range of EU topics in light of the recent referenda on the draft EU constitution. The question read as follows:

"In view of the clear rejection of the EU Constitution by France and the Netherlands, would the Commission confirm by what legal authority it is continuing with such projects as the development of a European public prosecutor, a European External Action Service (diplomatic service), a European space policy, a European Defence Agency and Rapid Reaction Force (armed forces), a European Fundamental Rights Agency, a European police force, and a European asylum and immigration policy.

Furthermore, would the Commission confirm in each case the relevant clause of the EU budget which allows the funding of these individual projects."

An answer, which will no doubt disappoint Mr Titford is expected in the coming weeks. It is likely to inform him, that such projects were created before the debate on the constitution began. Moreover, these projects are being developed under the the watchful eye of the directly elected Parliament and the full control of the Member States in the council.

Source: UKIP

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