Thursday, July 7

UKIP agree with Labour and the Tories to ditch software patents

It does not happen very often, but this week UKIP MEPs voting in Strasbourg agreed with their Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour colleagues -to throw out controversial plans for an EU directive on software patents.

The proposals aimed at harmonising patenting for computer software across the 25 member States, would overhaul the current system whereby software is protected by a series of copy rights.

By supporting the overall rejection of the bill UKIP were part of the 648 votes in favour of the report being binned.

However, it would seem that UKIP had different motives behind the rejection of this proposal. Whilst the main parties endorsed the need for the directive - to improve EU competitiveness and create jobs, they were simply unhappy with the proposal in its present form. The main political parties feared the draft would stifle small business and hinder innovation. UKIP however, were completely opposed to the proposed law in any shape or form, in continuing to oppose all things European.

Source: UKIP EU Observer

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