Wednesday, July 27

A UKIP Exodus

Following the news last week, that a senior figure of UKIP South East has defected to the Conservatives, and the recent court dispute between Mike Nattrass and his campaign co-ordinator, yet another senior UKIP member has thrown in the towel.
Peter Rogers, UKIP Leeds Party Chairman has left the Party amidst a financial dispute.
Rogers, also a senior figure in the Campaign to Reject the European Constitution, sighted UKIP's lack of support and financial resources as reason for quitting.
"During the 2005 General Election the Branch was entirely without funds and we could only scrape together enough resources to fight one campaign in Pudsey." Said Rogers in his resignation letter.
He went on to lambaste UKIP's decision place the branch's £400 election campaign fund under direct control of UKIP head office.
"Since UKIP cannot trust my word or trust me with £400.00, or involve the Branch Committee with campaign strategy, I feel I must resign my Party Membership as I clearly am not the sort of chap UKIP wants."

Source: Talk Veritas Website

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