Friday, July 29

UKIP MEPs claim £70,000 expenses

It has emerged this week that UKIP MEPs are more than doubling their £59,000 salaries with personal expenses.
As MEPs prepare to face the public scrutiny of having their expenses published for the first time it has been revealed that those who represent the eastern region, Tom Wise and Jeffrey Titford, claim an average of £70,000 a year on top of their wages.
It is money they do not need, according to clean-up politics campaigner Martin Bell who said MEPs found themselves trapped in a culture of expenses.
Defending his expense account, UKIP MEP Jeffrey Titford, 72, said: "I am not prepared to rough it at this time of my life."
This echoes sentiments made by Yorkshire and Humber MEP, Godfrey Bloom last year. When asked to comment on his £59,000 salary, Bloom spluttered "I can't live on that!" and was quickly forced to backtrack by party bosses.

Source: Norwich Evening News, York Evening Press

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