Tuesday, July 12

Veritas members to challenge leader Kilroy Silk

Former chat-show host Robert Kilroy-Silk is facing a leadership challenge just months after setting up his new party. Disillusioned members have launched a campaign to oust the television star turned Euro MP from the helm of Veritas. Member Ken Wharton says he is planning to stand against Mr Kilroy-Silk. He said: "The members really are not being looked after. The party is being mis-managed, we have no constitution and Kilroy is always away on holiday." Mr Kilroy-Silk launched Veritas - Latin for "truth" - in February after quitting the UK Independence Party (UKIP) following his failed attempt to take over the leadership. But he is already facing anger from members over his running of the party. Mr Wharton, 47, who was in the Navy but is now unemployed, says he will challenge for the leadership as soon as a democratic leadership contest is allowed. Ironically, Mr Kilroy-Silk argued that is exactly what he was denied in UKIP. Discontented members set up a Veritas Members' Association last night, promising to "put the truth back into Veritas". It aims to alter the way the party is run and make it more answerable to the membership. The group claims 10 of Veritas's general election candidates have already tendered their resignations from the party.

Source: ukipforum

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! Ken Wharton Veritas member leadership challenger to Robert Kilroy Silk has it would seem been suspended by the Veritas Party. Les Leggett who stood as a candidate for Veritas in Cheadle is Chairman of the Standards Committee is investigating. There may also be a problem in that Les Leggett may have a conflict of interest. It would also seem that candiates are in a race to stand against Kilroy.