Sunday, August 7

Immigrants cause water shortages, says Veritas

As if proof was ever needed that Veritas were right wing nutters, the so called "straight talking party," have this week have reached new depths.
Veritas which has been in chaos since party leader Robert Kilroy Silk turned his back on them, is now blamming the current water shortages in the South East of England on immigrants.
"It is not a shortage of rain that is causing water shortages in the UK but an ever increasing population fuelled by mass immigration," said Veritas' environment spokesman, Carl Faulkner in a statement.
He went on, "Britain is full. Mother nature is telling us. Veritas is listening. The other parties are not."

The timing of this outburst is nothing but sickening, considering the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Niger and Mali, where severe drought means tens of thousands are facing starvation. On a lesser scale Spain, France and Portugal are also facing drought affecting their agricultural community.

Nevertheless, it is hoped that immigrants in the South East will listen to Veritas' message by laying off their hosepipes for the next few weeks, to save Britain from instant disaster.

Source: Veritas


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Tom said...

The previous poster seems to have grasped the essence of UKIPwatch with remarkable accuracy!