Friday, August 5

Kilroy "led us up the garden path," says jaded ex employee

A STAUNCH Eurosceptic who worked as a political researcher for Robert Kilroy-Silk this week criticised the former television presenter and Euro MP for walking out on the political party he founded just five months ago.
Tony Bennett, of Chippingfield, Old Harlow, branded Mr Kilroy-Silk a failure after he resigned as leader of Veritas.
Mr Kilroy-Silk cited the party's poor showing in May's General Election, as well as its lack of cash and proper structure as reasons for his departure. "We tried and failed," he said in a statement.
However, Mr Bennett, a former United Kingdom Independence Party candidate who stood for Veritas in Harlow and polled 941 votes, said it was Mr Kilroy-Silk who was the failure.
"He does appeal to a significant section of the electorate but he has failed us as a leader of a political party," he said. "It was his party, it was his job to lead it well and he's failed.
"His leadership has been absent rather than incompetent. We all feel he's led us up the garden path and abandoned us when we've got to the top of the garden path. There's no staying power at all."
Mr Bennett revealed he resigned from Veritas two weeks after the election because of problems he had with a senior party member.
He also became disillusioned when the party failed to agree a draft constitution he had drawn up and said the leadership was not democratically elected.
His contract as Mr Kilroy-Silk's political researcher ends this month.
Mr Bennett, who has not spoken to Mr Kilroy-Silk for the past four weeks, said: "The name Veritas (Latin for 'truth') was wrong in the first place. It was pretentious, wasn't it? "
A lot of people are saying Robert Kilroy-Silk formed the party as a vehicle for self-promotion. I'm not saying that myself, but I can understand the perception.
"Veritas is in a state of partial ruin. I think it is dying."
Asked about his future plans, Mr Bennett said he would be meeting with other disaffected Veritas members to discuss a way forward.

Source: Herts and Essex News

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