Monday, August 15

Kilroy-Silk does 'little or no work' and should quit, say MEPs

A cross-party coalition have repeated calls for Robert Kilroy-Silk to quit the European Parliament on the grounds that he seldom attends and does "little or no work" for his East Midlands constituency.

In a letter to the parliament's president Josep Borrell, four MEPs, who all represent the East Midlands, say Mr Kilroy-Silk is not "fulfilling the pledge he made on becoming an MEP, to serve the electorate of his region".

The letter marks a new low in the political career of Mr Kilroy-Silk. Having resigned from two Euro-sceptic parties, the UK Independence Party and the Right-wing Veritas Party, he currently sits as a non-aligned member in the chambers of Brussels and Strasbourg.

His four regional colleagues - Christopher Heaton-Harris (Conservative), Roger Helmer (Conservative), Phillip Whitehead (Labour) and Derek Clark (Ukip) - said they "deplore" Mr Kilroy-Silk's non-attendance.

"He seems to have done little or no work as a constituency MEP for the East Midlands. This leaves five MEPs to do the work of six and the electorate have been short-changed," they wrote.
"Mr Kilroy-Silk should either do the job for which he is paid, or get out and leave it to those who can."

The parliament has no power to remove Mr Kilroy-Silk, who is understood to have attended the minimum number of plenary sessions required to be eligible for his parliamentary allowances.

"While Mr Kilroy-Silk will remain within the letter of the law, he will hardly be fulfilling the pledge he made on becoming an MEP, to serve the electorate of his region," the MEPs wrote.

Mr Kilroy-Silk last signed the plenary session attendance register on April 12.

Mr Heaton-Harris and Mr Whitehead have followed up their Brussels protest with a letter to local newspapers calling for Mr Kilroy-Silk to go. "He seems to specialise in resignation. So it is time for him to do the decent thing and resign from the European parliament," they wrote.
Mr Kilroy-Silk refused to comment on the protest.

Source: The Telegraph

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