Tuesday, August 2

Latest EU poll makes miserable reading for UKIP

A recent YouGov poll commissioned by the U.K. Independence Party has back fired in Nigel Farage's face.

The poll shows that 50% of those questionned would vote to leave the EU, whilst over 60% think a referendum should be held on Britain’s continued membership.

The poll of over 2,000 people, which was conducted between the 22nd & 25th July, apparently shows that euroscepticism is on the increase.

UKIP MEP Nigel Farage said, “These results are better than we could ever have dreamed. It now shows that there is a clear majority which wants free trade with the EU rather than membership.”

Although UKIP were quick to seize on the results, they make abysmal reading for the UK Independence Party.

The fact that an alleged 50% of those questionned were against membership, says more of UKIP than the EU.

Many of those questionned appear disolusionned with the EU, but nevertheless do not find the United Kingdom Independence Party a credible answer to their concerns.

In the recent general election UKIP took just a 2.35% share of the vote, and hold only 10 Seats in the European Parliament. This does not correspond to the 50% of people who allegedly share in their cause.

This can be based in part on the internal turmoil which UKIP is currently going through. In recent weeks several prominent members have abandoned the party, which has been on a downward spiral since political loser Robert Kilroy Silk walked out in February, branding them "right wing nutters."

Source: UKIP


Anonymous said...

Just taking a look at your figures here.
So 50% in a nationally accepted poll would leave the EU.
Nothing alleged about it if you see the figures from YouGov.

This is "miserable reading"?
What do you think would mak joyous reading, the 35.3% who voted Labour at the last election.

Sometimes you make fair points but you read like an ancien Pravda when you say stuff that is as transparently ridiculous as this. Deal with it, the population of the UK is deeply and broadly eurosceptic, many, and if this poll is to be accepted even in part, (and to deny that would require you and your writers, all of whom are strongly attached to the Labour party to either snipe ineffectualy or to question whether Yougov is a bona fide polling organisation, operating with the rules of BMRA) then a damned near majority of those who have an opinion would leave the EU, far more wish to have a say.

To deny it, as you do makes you look stupid, not them.

Anonymous said...

Backfired? Abysmal? Is this planet doublespeak you're on, or is the EU slipping something in your drinks at the Brussels cafe? Does the same apply to the No votes in France and Holland, or was this the 'joyous' occasion that you were waiting for? Apart from watching UKIP what exactly do you get up to when you're working - If at all? I guess if stalking UKIP makes you happy then you don't need to get a life......

Anonymous said...

So 50% of people would like to leave the EU, that's brilliant. How you can say it's miserable reading god only knows. It only means that UKIPs support will grow in the future.