Wednesday, August 10

UKIP launch "Let the people decide" campaign.

In September, UKIP is planning to launch a nationwide campaign to press the Government for a referendum on Britain's future in the European Union. The campaign will include an online petition which UKIP have entitled"Let the people decide." UKIP is hoping to muster thousands of signatures to present to Downing Street.
The party is basing the campaign on the premise that there has been no referendum on the EU since 1975. UKIP claim that since that time the EU has radically changed to the extent that it is barely recognisable from the free trade area of 1973.
In recent weeks UKIP has been desperately calling on its members to sign the on line petition. However it seems that with UKIP's poor support base and limited financial resources the campaign will have little impact and prove to be no more than a publicity stunt.
Critics say that such campaign tactics effectively confirm UKIP's position as a peripheral political pressure group, rather than a serious political party.

Source: UKIP

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