Wednesday, August 24

UKIP scare monger with Eastern EU worker statistics

The Government today released figures, which showed that the number of workers from the new EU Member States registered in the UK has exceeded their initial estimates.

This was something which UKIP's Nigel Farage was quick to seize on, blasting the figures “nothing short of an outrage.”

According to Home Office statistics, around 232,000 applicants from eight countries - Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the three Baltic states - have registered under a special scheme, allowing them to work in Britain. The scheme was set up before the May 2004 enlargement to prevent abuse of the UK's social benefit system.

“UKIP has said over and again that we have lost control of our borders. The government tried to ignore us but now the truth is out. The only way we can get out of this mess is to take back control of our own borders instead of allowing Brussels to dictate who and who cant come to our country,” said Farage.

However, the news is not as devastating as UKIP would have you believe. The scheme set up to monitor these workers has helped the British economy remain the strongest in Europe. The new workers have filled a valuable role in helping British industry remain competitive.

The employees from the new member states are mostly employed in factories (41,000) and restaurant kitchens (12,000), taking jobs the British employers have found hard to fill. They are overwhelmingly young - between 18 and 34 - and rarely claim social benefits. In total, around 1,700 people have applied for benefits (out of 232,000), and only 50 claims have been considered further.

All the while the UK continues to have a booming economy and record low levels of unemployment.

Source: EUobserver UKIP

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Anonymous said...

Working in a Housing Benefits Office we have about 500 Poles claiming Housing Benefit.

To get Housing Benefit they have to get a Workers Registration Card. to get a WRC they ony have to work a few hours per week.

If they work for 30 hours they can claim Working Tax Credit, if they have children they can claim Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit etc.

For the 6th month in a row unemployment in our area has increased - I wonder if its becasue of the large influx of Poles?

Interestingly the local Tesco has had to import Polish labour. To the vocal protests of other Tesco workers who claim that they would do the jobs on offer!

Much anger has been casued amongst local brickies and other building site workers as all the local developers are employing pPoles on the minimum wage rather than British Labour at the pay levels they received before.

If anything the influx of cheap Polish Labour has merelly pushed down the local wages to much enthusiasm by local employers!