Tuesday, August 2

What the stats really show....

The YouGov polled commissioned by the UK Independence Party:

Sample Size 2299

Question 1
Do you think a national referendum should be held on whether the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union?
Referendum should be held – 62%
Referendum not necessary – 25%
Don’t Know – 12%

UKIPwatch comment: The fact that many people believe a referendum should be held does not mean that they are simply for the abolition of the EU. Compounded by the fact that 25% believe that a referendum is not necessary and many are undecided does not show the widespread discontent with the EU which UKIP suggest.

Question 2
If a referendum were held and these were the available options, which would you choose? Britain remaining a member of the European Union – 34%
Britain leaving the European Union and replacing our membership with a free trade agreement – 50%
Don’t Know – 17%

UKIPwatch comment: 34% of those questionned realise the benefits of the EU, whilst 17% remain undecided. Those who are undecided demonstrate that there is some dissolusionment with the current EU set up. This is in line with recent referendums on the EU constitution, where the electorate have clearly signalled their dissatisfaction with the current set up despite being fundamentally pro EU.

Source: UKIP

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