Friday, September 2

Clarke is backed by UKIP

He may be facing "back biting" from within his own party, but Ken Clarke has been officially given UKIP's blessing in the Tory leadership battle.
The UK independence party, which has in the past criticised Clarke for his pro-European views, is now welcoming the prospect of Clarke as Tory leader.
"Ken Clarke is a man of great principle and experience, and has support from a very broad range of voters," said UKIP MEP Nigel Farage.
"He says he's the best man for the job and we at UKIP agree wholeheartedly."
In recent weeks UKIP have warmed towards Clarke after his criticism of the Euro.
However some cynics believe that UKIP's latest move is a way for their supporters to infiltrate the leadership camapaign of this most staunch pro EU Tory.
It would seem that Farage's statements have caused unrest amongst UKIP's grass root supporters. Many have began to question Farage's integrity, which could indeed spark UKIP's very own leadership battle.

Source: The Independent


Tom Wilde said...

UKIP aren't trying to infiltrate Clarke's leadership campaign - Farage was just being sarcastic. This is obvious if you read the Independent report on which your posting is allegedly based. Personally, I thought it was hilarious!

Thib said...

UKIP's support for Ken Clark's win for the Tory leadership might be a trick. They know some Eurosceptics have gone to the Tories.
It looks to me that the UKIP hope to regain some voters if the new Tory leader is as Europhile as Tony Blair and Charles Kennedy.