Tuesday, September 27

Keep you Kroes out of it!

Following in the foot steps of Socialist Group leader Martin Schulz' MEP crticisim of EU competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes, UKIP's Jeffrey Titford has submitted a written question to the European Commission about the conduct of Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes, during the recent German Federal elections.

In a newspaper article, Ms Kroes publicly supported Frau Angela Merkel on the grounds that she is a woman. The comments were widely interpreted as an endorsement.

Commenting on his written question, Mr Titford said: “It is highly inappropriate in itself for a European Commissioner to interfere in the domestic politics of a nation state. However, for Ms Kroes to use gender as a means of expressing her preference is wholly wrong and is, I assume, against EU rules on gender discrimination. I have asked the Commission to inform me of any action it will be taking in the matter.

“I am concerned that the endorsement by a European Commissioner may have seriously compromised Ms Merkel’s results in the German federal elections, not least by disenfranchising the male voters. In addition, many Germans blame the EU for the parlous state of their economy and are hardly likely to react well to interference from the Commission”.

Source: UKIP

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