Sunday, September 11

Labour demand changes after UKIP receive cash

The row between UKIP and Labour MEPs over the EU's decision to award UKIP €250,000 rumbled on this week.
Labour MEPs are fuming after the Commission decided to award UKIP the money, under a scheme which is to encourage education and the distribution of information about the EU. Instead UKIP aim to divert the cash to political campaigning against the EU.
Gary Titley, Leader of Labour in the European Parliament lambasted the decision as a "inappropriate use of parliamentary money." Other Labour MEPs are demanding the rules should be changed to prevent other campaigns in the future.
The situation was rather different from a week ago when UKIP leader in the European Parliamen, Nigel Farage, shared a platform with Titley, to call for greater openness in EU decision making.
Farage said, "Mr Titley's party and group have consistently mislead and misused vast amounts of public money. All we are doing is a little to redress the balance."

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