Friday, September 30

The man with the tan returns!

Not satisfied with sending a letter to the President of the European Parliament calling for the resignation of Robert Kilroy-Silk, East Midlands Tory MEPs RogerHelmer and Chris Heaton-Harris have gone one step further in trying to discover exactly how Kilroy is representing his constituents when hefails to show up for anything.
Kilroy last attended Plenary on April 12th 2005 and has not been seen in the East Midlands since early June. Many were worried he had even been 'kidnapped.'
The two Tory MEPs were offering a bottle of Champagne to the first person who spotted
the bright orange Kilroy.
Their stunt however backfired when a constituent complained that Kilroy was not the
only member wasting time saying "what we need in Europe are MEP's who will campaign for
the benefit of the people of the East Midlands and not waste their time in petty squabbles," referring to Helmer himself, who was recently kicked out of the Tory party in Europe.
Parliament rules state that "members who have not taken part in half the part-session days
will be required to repay 50% of [their general expenditure] allowance"
Mindful of this, all eyes were on September's second Plenary in Strasbourg to see if Kilroy
turned up to sign the register in order maintain his allowance.
There was amazement in Strasbourg when Kilroy appeared in the Parliament chamber - a full 5 months after he was last there. Pleased that Kilroy had eventually found himself, Heaton-Harris crossed the floor to award Kilroy the bottle of Champagne. No doubt corks will be popping at Kilroy's villa on the Spanish riviera this week end. After all Kilroy has just successfully fleeced the tax payer of £65,000 and wont have to work for another five months.

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