Friday, September 30

UKIP are Losers in Livingston

Labour this week scored another by-election victory in Scotland - but with a reduced majority.

The Labour candidate in the Livingston by-election Jim Devine had a 2,680 majority over the Scottish National Party. This was a 10.22% swing to the SNP.

The by-election was necessary because of the death of former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook.

Mr Cook had a 13,097 majority in May's General Election.

The newly-elected Mr Devine paid tribute to his former friend and said: "This is not a place that anyone wanted to be, far less myself.

"Robin Cook was an outstanding parliamentarian within this constituency. Let me say, I hope to continue the work that in particular he did for the constituents of this constituency."

If Jim Devine, who follows in the footsteps of the great European Robin Cook, can take any solice from the victory, it can be that he well and truly thrashed UKIP.

Once again UKIP flopped in their attempt to gain a seat in Westminster, the only Parliament which UKIP officially recognises.

The UKIP candidate Peter Adams trailed home in seventh place, managing to poll an abysmal 108 votes, which was only 0.32% of the vote.

The result is highly embarassing for UKIP, who are struggling to establish a support base outside of England. The party whose aim is to defend British intersts has failed failed to sell its "Lets get our Country back" brand north of the border, with the Scots seemingly unwilling to put their support behind white public schooled English men.

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