Friday, September 2

UKIP outspent the big boys in 2004

They may have been paupers in the recent general election, but it seems that UKIP were amongst the big spenders when it came to last years Euro elections.
UKIP won 12 seats in the European Parliament in the June 2004 election, outspending every other party except the Conservatives in their election campaign.
A report by the Independent Electoral Commission has shown that UKIP spent £2.3 million behind the Tories £3.1 million on campaigning. They paid out double the £1.1m spent by the Liberal Democrats and spent £600,000 more than Labour.
The majority of UKIP's money came from Harrogate business man Paul Sykes, who donated £900,000 towards bill board advertising. However, since then Sykes has scaled down his support for UKIP by refusing to supply them with cash towards constituencies with a euro sceptic Tory MP.
In contrast to the euro elections, UKIP's piggy bank dwindled for the recent general election. UKIP received a poor £235,000 worth of donations for the May 2005 poll, despite fielding 451 candidates. It is likely that UKIPs donors felt short changed by their investment towards the European election campaign and therefore kept their wallets firmly closed.
UKIPs MEPs are notorious for their poor attendance in Parliament and have made little headway in Britains withdrawl from the EU. On top of that two of their MEPs have quit the party, with former chat show host Robert Kilroy Silk, using them as a platform for his own personal gain.

Source: The Guardian, September 1st 2005

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