Saturday, September 17

UKIP squander public money

The war of words between Labour leader in the European Parliament Gary Titley and UKIP's Nigel Farage, heated up this week.

"Parliament must act now to end UKIP's purposeful breach of public trust" said Gary Titley, as he called on the President of the European Parliament to investigate UKIP's misuse of public money for a political campaign.

In a letter to President Josep Borrell, Mr Titley, Labour leader in Europe asked him to scrutinise the funding of UKIP's political campaign in Britain urging withdrawal from the EU.

It has been alleged that the money is being taken from a budget intended to fund impartial information for citizens on Europe.

Mr Titley said: "UKIP is making a grave mistake if they think they can pull the wool over tax payers' eyes and squander public money for their own political ends.

"There are strict rules in the European parliament on the use of money. I can't spend parliament's money running Labour party campaigns. Why on earth should UKIP?

"It is typical of UKIP's blaze attitude to their role as elected representatives. While the rest of us are engaged in serious politics, fighting for a better deal for UK citizens, cleaning up our environment, and creating a stable economy for more jobs; they waste parliamentary time, stage silly stunts and now are in serious breach of parliamentary rules misusing public money.

"Parliament must act now to end this purposeful breach of public trust."

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