Wednesday, September 28

Who's the hypocrite?

Gerard Batten MEP this week accused Jack Straw of "complacency and hypocrisy" in reaction to the Foreign Secretary's speech at the Labour Party Conference.

In his speech, Straw said that Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe was guilty of "bad governance" and accused the dictator of "indifference to the well-being of his own people".

Mr Batten said "This totally underplays the British government's laissez-faire attitude toward Zimbabwe, and the plight of Zimbabweans. Jack Straw accuses Mugabe of 'bad governance'; I accuse him of brutal tyranny."

The verbal assault on Jack Straw comes with particularly ironic timing. Just as Gerard Batten had lambasted the Foreign Secretary for not doing enought to help the plight of Zimbabweans, UKIP voted against measures before the European Parliament to assist refugees from countries such as Zimbabwe. UKIP MEPs including Batten attempted unsuccessfully to block a report on setting minimum conditions for granting and refusing asylum.

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