Wednesday, October 26

Disgraced Wise coughs up

A full two days after the Sunday Telegraph accused UKIP MEP Tom Wise of fraudulently claiming £30,000 of EU taxpayers money, UKIP have finally issued a response to the damning claims.
The Sunday Telegraph revealed that Wise had claimed office allowances £36,000 of which he passed on only £6,000 for its intended purpose- to pay his assistant.
In a statement UKIP Leader in the European Parliament, Nigel Farage, said "the figures were wrong and the impression was given that Mr Wise was personally benefiting from these allowances."
Nevertheless, the statement failed to comment on why the figures were wrong. Farage also failed to address, why if the money was not intended for Wise's personal use was it not passed on to his assistant but swiftly handed back to the Parliament following the revelations.
UKIP's pitiful rebuttals also incorrectly state that Wise received no personal benefit from holding the money. The fact that Wise had £30,000 in his bank account for the best part of a year, will undoubtedly have earned Wise some pocket money in the form of interest.
Farage goes on to lambaste the accusations as statements which are "wholly false and impugns his [Wise's] integrity."
Nevertheless, Wise has so far kept a low profile at this months European Parliament in Strasbourg, only raising his voice to say "I don't fancy answering" when pushed on the issue. Not exactly the fighting talk you would expect from an innocent man.
The most obvious question that UKIP fail to answer is what the money was to be used for. UKIP which came to the European Parliament, intending to stop the so called "EU gravy train" in its tracks, looks like they have bought themselves a first class ticket and jumped right on board- destination Hypocrisy -Ville.

Source: UKIP

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