Friday, October 7

Jeffrey 'Titters' Titford to the rescue!

Following the resignation of UKIP Party Chairwoman Petrina Holdsworth earlier this week, UKIP have been quick find a replacement.
Jeffrey Titford, Member of the European Parliament for Eastern England, will step back into the fold for an interim period sparing UKIP any embarrassment which would have been caused heading into the party conference this week end without a chairman.
UKIP leader, Roger Knapman who faced damning criticism from the ousted Holdsworth, welcomed Titford's appointment, by saying "I am very grateful to Jeffrey for agreeing to take on this task. He is a much-respected figure who has contributed a great deal to the Party over many years."
Meanwhile disgruntled party members are beginning to show their dissatisfaction with the UKIP leadership. Supporters of Holdsworth are unhappy with the way Knapman failed to stand up to deputy leader Mike Nattrass, who allegedly bullied Holdsworth out of the party.
Many are also frustrated by the fact that power within the party is being centralised around the 10 UKIP MEPs.
Six out of 14 National Executive Committee Members are now Euro MPs including the party leader, the deputy and the chairman. The 10 UKIP MEPs are also the Party's official spokespersons. The MEPs also directly employ 90% of UKIP staff including the regional officers, researchers and press officers leaving members in the UK with little say in the direction of the party.

Source: UKIP

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