Thursday, October 13

Kilroy returns once more

The European Parliament was shocked for a second time this month as failed chat show host and party leader Robert Kilroy Silk manage to take time out form his busy schedule on the Costa del Sol to appear in Brussels.
Silk who last month came under increasing pressure from MEPs and the President of the Parliament to either start doing what he was elected to do or get out of politics once and for all, had been in danger of contravening Parliament rules. Rules state that if a Member does not attend half of the monthly plenary sessions they will not be entitled to pick up their Parliamentary allowances.
As Silk had not been seen in the Parliament since April, he was on the verge of being denied his allowance. This spurred him into action in Brussels.Nevertheless it was easy work for Silk, all he did was press a few buttons to register his vote and then cleared off, taking his wife also his personal secretary and chauffeur with him. Hardly the revolutionary work that he promised- to bring the European Parliament down from the inside.

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