Sunday, October 30

Old habits die hard for Kilroy Slick

Robert Kilroy Silk suprised everyone this month by turning up to work for the second time in six months at a European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg.
It seems that the ex chat show host has caved in to the pressure of his fellow East midland MEPs by deciding to do some "work."
Last month Kilroy's four fellow east midland MEPs wrote to the President of the Parliament calling for Kilroy's resignation due to his prolonged abscence.
This week they were pleased that their message had got through as the failed Veritas party leader turned up for work, for only the second time in six months. Nevertheless, his fellow MEPs who have unlike Kilroy been working hard to defend British interests over the last six months, were frustrated by the fact that Kilroy found himself immediately back in the lime light.
Kilroy, seemed at home strutting around in front of the camera as he filmed a special report for Sky News, in which he critises all things European and shows how blatantly uninformed he is on the EU.

To see Kilroy's only achievement in the European Parliament click here.

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