Tuesday, October 25

Too little too late as Wise hands your money back.

See below for UKIP's delayed and pitiful explanation as to why Tom Wise had £30,000 of YOUR money stashed in his bank account:

On Sunday 23rd October 2005, the Sunday Telegraph published an article about Tom Wise MEP and his use of the European Parliament's Secretarial Allowance.

The figures quoted were wrong and the impression was given that Mr Wise was personally benefiting from these allowances. This is wholly false and impugns his integrity.

Mr Wise fully accepts the simple principle that all UKIP MEP's must be above suspicion and regrets any confusion that the article has caused.

It is normal practice for MEP's secretarial allowances to be paid to a single person who acts as a paying agent to the contracted staff. Indeed, Mr Wise performed this function as office manager for Jeffrey Titford MEP in the 1999 - 2004 parliament. After his election in June 2004, and in the absence of any clear written rules, Mr Wise continued to act as paying agent, this time on behalf of his own staff.

UKIP cannot state strongly enough that at no time since his election has Mr Wise attempted to seek personal gain as a paying agent.

However, as recent rule changes discourage MEP's from performing this function, and after a meeting with the finance secretariat, Mr Wise has repaid all unspent balances to the Parliament.

Source: UKIP

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