Wednesday, October 26

Who cares for British interests? - Only "nerds" according to Titford.

Today in the European Parliament Labour MEP Neena Gill slammed dithering UKIP MEP Jeffrey Titford for dismissing the European budget.

Speaking after a bitter exchange in the European Parliament, Neena Gill said:
"Mr Titford told parliament today that anyone who knows about the budget is a nerd. I have to follow the budget to make sure that people in the UK get a good deal from the European Union and to fight for changes that our voters want to see, such as an end to tobacco subsidies.

"For the two years that Jeffrey Titford was on the Parliament's budget committee, he was hardly ever there. UKIP are happy to make populist noises in plenary but are too lazy to do anything about it.

"If Mr Titford is serious about changing the budget, he'd make an effort to understand it."

A furious Neena Gill went on: "I have never been called a nerd before, but if it means fighting for a better deal, it's a name I'm happy to wear.

"UKIP have once again shown that they are not serious politicians. Not serious about representing the people they were elected to serve, and not serious about negotiating a deal for the British people."

As if Titford hadn't embarrassed himself already, he went on to say the European Parliament had "shrugged its shoulders, sighed and looked the other way," when it came to checking the "disgusting state of the EU’s finances."
In light of the recent article in the Sunday Telegraph, perhaps the newly appointed UKIP chairman should practice what he preaches by getting his own Party's finances in order.

Source: European Parliament minutes. 26 October 2005

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