Wednesday, November 2

Farage and Bloom go state side

Following in the footsteps of Charles and Camilla who this week embarked on a tour of the USA, were the not quite so glamorous UKIP couple of Nigel Farage and Godfrey Bloom.
Unlike most MEPs who usually dedicate this point in the Parliament's calendar to undertake work in their constituencies, Farage and Bloom set off on a jolly to the States where they are set to address the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington.
The trip is intended to drum up support of their anti EU sentiments state side and raise a bit of much needed cash for UKIP.
In the past UKIP have falsely accused the EU of being founded on anti americanist attitudes.
It is expected that in their addresses the infamous UKIP pair will scare monger amongst their audience with issues such as EU co-operation ion areas such as defence and technology as a threat to the USA's position in the world.

Source: Washington Times, November 1 2005

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