Monday, November 14

MEP misled party and the cash office

Last month the Sunday Telegraph revealed that Tom Wise, who represents the UK Independence Party for the eastern region, told the European Parliament's payments office, that he was paying his parliamentary assistant Lindsay Jenkins £3,000 a month.
In fact his agreement with her was only a sixth of that amount. Now it has emerged that Mr Wise not only misled Jenkins but also misled his party.
The EU payments office in the European Parliament believed it was paying Ms Jenkins directly because on the form submitted to the payments office Mr Wise had inserted one of his own bank account numbers under the name of "Stags" and indicated it belonged to Ms Jenkins.
UKIP leader in the European Parliament Nigel Farage,and founder member of the party, said: "We initially thought that Tom Wise was acting directly as a paying agent but we now understand that was not the case."

Source: Sunday Telegraph 13 Nov 2005


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And the EU cleared him of any wrong doing!

What does that say about the EU?

Nothing that we didn't already know!