Thursday, November 3

UKIP accuses Davis of Plagiarism

UKIP Leader Roger Knapman has accused Conservative leadership contender David Davis of the ‘wholesale plunder’ of UKIP policy, by hijacking the work Knapman carried out as a whip in the Tory Government of the early 1990's.
Knapman said that Mr Davis’ who has recently pledged to hold more referendums on Britain's EU commitments meant that once again the Conservative Party would be using UKIP policy initiatives to bolster its image of Euroscepticism.
Knapman Said “While I am gratified to hear that Mr Davis now wants to undo the provisions of the Maastricht Treaty which he helped to force through, his plan is unworkable."
He went on “It is naive the think that the EU will allow a British [Tory] government to merely grab back the bits of power that it wants while leaving the rest of the structure in place."
Knapman added that this is the second time that Mr Davis had plagiarised UKIP policy, the first being the Conservatives’ much criticised extreme immigration policies in 2004.

Source: UKIP

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