Thursday, November 3


It might be a contradiction in terms, but this month UKIP MEP for the south west Graham Booth has placed a codicil to his will such that his name will not be "taken in vain after his death", in the hope that he will "die with honour."
In a pathetic display of how UKIP MEPs while away their time in Brussels, apparently fighting for Britian's withdrawal from the EU, Booth has written to the Parliament's President Josep Borrell, demanding that should he die whilst still an MEP, any possible tributes should make no mention of his name in connection to the EU.
On his website, Booth goes on that he would prefer Britain's early withdrawal from the EU in order that he can resign from the Parliament, meaning the codicil be revoked.
If that is to be the case the 65 year old veteran who has his days numbered, better get down to doing some meaningful work in the Parliament.

His letter to the President of the EU Parliament is reproduced below.


Mr Joseph Borrell

President, European Parliament

Dear Mr Borrell,

After the minute silence in plenary on October 12th, marking the sad death of Herr Zimmerling MEP you remarked that he died "in the service of Europe".

Can I please obtain your assurance that should I, or any of my colleagues in the UK Independence Party, pass away whilst still members, you will not make such a comment about us. This is not an epitaph any of us would appreciate.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Booth MEP

Borrell's likely reply:

Graham who?!?

Don't flatter yourself mate.

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