Wednesday, November 23

UKIP show support for the death penalty

In a move that has shocked human rights groups up and down the country the U K Independence Party has this week condemned Britain’s membership of the European Union, as it prevents capital punishment from being carried out on British soil.

Following the murder of PC Sharon Beshenivsky earlier this week in Bradford, UKIP leader Roger Knapman opportunistically used the opportunity to take a swipe at the EU. Knapman said, “At a time when we are faced with what would appear to be an increasing tide of truly horrific crimes, it is right that the subject of the death penalty should be aired in public."

“No matter how horrific the crimes, there is no prospect of the death penalty being re-introduced in the UK unless we first leave the European Union”.

The death penalty is prohibited by Protocol 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Also Article 7 of the EU treaty states that action will be taken against member states where there is a ‘clear risk of a human rights breach,’ something which has spared thousands of people from intolerable suffering.



Anonymous said...

Errrr, you do realise the majority of Britains are for the Death Penalty in certain circumstances?

Being told Britains democraticaly elected government can't make it's own laws anymore, is hardly a stunning avert for the EU!

Anonymous said...

That is as maybe, but leaving the EU just so that we can execute people is rather silly.

Anonymous said...

Actually the press release did not say that UKIP was in favour of the death penalty, it merely said that if the country wanted it back we couldn't have it.

A terrible press release though, and poor judgement on behalf of UKIP.

jamal said...

Im all for brining back the death penalty in the UK

Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem with using the death penalty in extreme cases. It sets an example and the justice system against violent criminals is a joke. What alot of left wing nut jobs don't see is that you LOSE your human rights if you commit atrocious crimes.The idea of punishment is to protect the victims/public, not the perpetrator.

scott said...

You have my vote!

Anonymous said...

ive never understood this left wing nut job idea. being anti death penalty has nothing to do with the left. for example stalin and mao were pretty left wing and executed millions. taking it as a left/right argument is just a way for those of the far right to stir up the nation and attempt to grab votes. anyway the eu prevents it but britain got rid of it on its own terms in 1963.

Anonymous said...

I have no time for what I believe to be a party of arrogant people, no I'm not pro-European. UKIP engulfs all that was bad about Thatcherism and promotes Totalitarianism. But I admire their stand for Justice in their support for the Death penalty.
We must have this deterrent.

Good for you for having the bottle to speak up for what we all know is right.