Wednesday, December 21

Blair gives Farage a bruising over EU budget taunts

Prime Minister Tony Blair clashed with UK Independence Party (UKIP) members of the European Parliament, yesterday in a debate rounding up the UK's six month presidency of the EU.
Blair lambasted UKIP Leader Nigel Farage who criticised Blair's efforts to revitalise the EU budget, telling him: "This is 2005, not 1945. We are not fighting each other any more!"
UKIP's Nigel Farage said Mr Blair was "outplayed and outclassed" by France's Jacques Chirac in budget negotiations.
In his two minute address to Blair, Farage was barely to be heard as he had to overcome heckles and jeers from fellow MEPs.
But Mr Blair said the deal between the EU's 25 member states had been the best possible "in the circumstances".
In the heated debate Farage and his UKIP colleagues, sat at their places in the European Parliament with union jack flags on thier desks, claiming they represent the majority of theBritish public. These were comments which incised the Prime Minister who said that although Mr Farage and colleagues "sit with our country's flag, you do not represent our country's interest".
Farage, also went on to say that budget negotiations had been "game, set and match to President Chirac", adding that Mr Blair had "been outclassed and outplayed at every turn".
"We are isolated and alone in the European Union. We are completely alone,"
Last weekend Mr Blair brokered an agreement between member states for the EU's next seven-year budget. It will see £1bn a year cut from the UK's rebate.
Mr Blair said there were "people who say it [the overall budget] should be lower, there are people who say it should be higher but I think, and we thought as the heads of government, that it represented a fair settlement for the present time".
He added that "without it, there wouldn't be the certainty for countries - particularly these new accession countries - to plan ahead for the future".
Members of the European Parliament will have to give their approval to the deal next year, and they have already demanded a much bigger budget.
The agreement, reached in Brussels early on Saturday, includes an EU commitment to review farm spending in 2008.

Source: BBC, European Parliament minutes


Cyburn said...

The EU is a waste of money, VOTE UKIP to get people out of the EU

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually done a proper cost-benefit analysis of what the UK gets out of the EU compared to what it would get outside of it? I don't just mean in terms of money, I mean in terms of influence, power and the like? - and I don't mean either a UKIP rant of 'they are all foreign', or a Lib-Dem cry of 'it is all wonderful'. I paraphrase considerably, but I think you know what I mean.

will said...

In reply to anonymous: "has anyone doen a proper cost-benefit analysis"; the answer is that there have been a number of such analyses all of which have shown the cost to be considerable. The most basic figure is our net contribution given in the Pink Book (Office for National Statistics) which has had a value of about £6bn per year (before, of course, Blairs infamous relinquishing of the rebate).

But the biggest misconception about the EU is that it is British, French, Germans, east Europeans etc working together for the good of the populace. It is not this. It is members of the political class (of numerous nationalities) working together to extract money from the populace to line their own pockets, whilst undermining the democratic process so that same political class has more and more power.

Anonymous said...

Rubbish! Farage was not "jeered" to the extent that he could hardly be heard, as you claim. Indeed, he received laughter at one point in his speech. He was jeered only once for saying that Britain was "entirely alone" by the EUphile MEPs, which is not to be unexpected. Footage of his speech can be found here for reference:

Setting aside the lies, the subjective value judgements are also wonky. Blair criticises UKIP for not representing the national interest in defence of a deal in which he gives up bits of the rebate (something you, bizarrely, seem to celebrate)? He claims that there is no rivalry in Europe anymore? It just doesn't wash. UKIP makes a fool of itself a fair amount, but this was not one of those times. Blair got trounced by Farage and his response bore little relevance to Farage's speech and made no sense where it did.

It's tempting to try to twist everything to fit what you'd like to have happened rather than what did but it's nothing more than self-deception, and works against you in the long term.

Anonymous said...

The EU has not given us money for the floods yet is willing to give money to Eastern European countries for flooding and Greece for forest fires but not us. Money will be spent this year from OUR taxes on "politically correct" measures by the EU, instead of being used for more beneficial purposes. I mean, how much more politically "correct" can we get? UKIP was also cleared of financial issues yet the EU still dosen't have it's own budget checked for 11 or so years still....

UKIP like the BNP? HA! Good joke! The BNP has former white nationalists running the party. UKIP? Former Labour, Tory and Lib Dems that have become dissatisfied with all three parties being virtually the same on policies and giving our money away for little in return.

And immigration....can our NHS really cope and our police service with the increase in healthcare demand and crime? No, wait, the EU dosen't give us any money for that and yet we can't close our own borders!

And UKIP's diminishing? It's growing! Especially because of Dave Cameron making an idiot of himself. It's even had two Lords join it recently.

And this back in 2005 worked to Farage's advantage. It made Blair look like an idiot, even the media commented he "shouted out angrily".

U.S Conservatives prefer UKIP over even the Conservative Party in the UK now!

It is idiots like you that is going to destroy this country's heritage eventually, tax us to death and also rob our children of a decent future. How can they get one in the UK? It's that bad that thousands are leaving in droves to other countries, including the U.S!