Wednesday, December 21

Kilroy dissolusioned with the European Parliament

Hugh Muir diary column in the Guardian, p. 25:

The Diary seeks word on the progress of the broadcaster, Muslim-baiter and all-round visionary Robert Kilroy-Silk. Just as Mr Deeds went to Washington, you will recall that our hero was swept into the European parliament last year on a tide of enthusiasm from Eurosceptics and devotees of daytime television…Brussels has become a lonely place; so much so that our man is apparently wondering already whether he might not better serve the electors of East Midlands by returning to the telly. We are told the process of developing an exciting new broadcasting venture for him is already under way. "It is fair to say he is disillusioned with the European parliament," said one confidant."

Source: The Guardian, December 21st 2005

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