Sunday, December 11

UKIP disregard the environment

A couple of weeks ago, Labour MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, Richard Corbett wrote a blog entry on his web site criticising the fact that UKIP don't have a single representative on the Environment Committee in the European Parliament a committee which presides over crucial pieces of legislation which have great effects on British interests.

A week or so later, Richard Corbett received an undated letter on blank notepaper with no address, but which appears to have come from UKIP MEP Tom Wise. It complains that his blog entry was inaccurate - in fact, "based entirely on incorrect information".

Richard takes up the rest of the story:

"I found this rather odd. As I wrote at the time, my claim was based on an official publication of the European Parliament Information Office in London on the work of the Environment committee. This publication gives a full list of UK members and I observed that there are no fewer than 13 members from the three main parties, plus the Greens, Plaid Cymru and even Sinn Fein - but not a single member from UKIP.

However, I now find that since this booklet was published (only three months ago), UKIP has taken measures to ensure that there is now one UKIP member on the relevant committee - still not a full member, but a substitute - namely Mr Wise. No doubt this is as a result of the embarrassment caused by Parliament’s publication - the timing is too significant to be regarded as a coincidence.

However, all is still not entirely well. I also note that, according to the minutes of the Environment Committee placed on Parliament’s web site Mr Wise has not attended a single meeting of the committee, despite having put himself forward as a substitute member! (Unless, again, he has done so very recently, since the most recently available minutes.)

Any joy I may have in seeing UKIP MEPs finally beginning to do some work in this Parliament by taking up a place on a committee is somewhat tempered by the fact that this membership appears not to be an active one!

I have written back to Mr Wise, clarifying this and suggesting that he withdraws his allegations about how "misleading" he finds my blog entry. In fact, I rather think it is his protestations that more accurately fall under the category of "misleading"!

Source: Richard Corbett MEP blog spot

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