Wednesday, December 21

Why the Tories should leave the EPP by Nigel Farage

Letter to the Independent by UKIP Leader in the European Parliament Nigel Farage MEP.

"In 2004 the Conservative MEPs negotiated a membership deal where almost half of their information budget is given to the federalists. This money has been used to campaign for the introduction of the euro and the EU constitution; actions at odds with grassroots Tory opinion, and apparently the new leader of the party… If, as he claims, David Cameron really wants to be 'consistent' he should leave the EPP before the end of the year, to halt a further €700,000 being transferred to causes his party claims it opposes…Mr Cameron would be welcome to talk to our own Independence/Democracy Group, which takes less than a fifth of its members' money and campaigns against the EU constitution"

Source: The Independent 20 December 2005

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