Friday, November 24

There’s always been infighting within UKIP, for a start they never seem to be able to agree upon what the truth is. Depending on who in UKIP you talk to, for example, European legislation accounts for anywhere between 50% and 95% of UK law (the real figure being 9% as I keep telling you!).

Their latest disagreement is even more bizarre. Apparently they can’t even decide on how many elected councillors they have. See this discussion on a UKIP messageboard to see the arguments!

I particularly enjoyed the quote given from UKIP HQ:

“UKIP officials estimate they have between 30 and 50 district and borough councillors”.

I wonder why it is so hard for them to actually count. It’s not as if they even have that many!

Sunday, November 12

Mote in Far-Right Talks

It appears that Ashley Mote, elected as a UKIP MEP in 2004, has been involved in discussions to be part of a united far-right group in the European Parliament.

According to an article in European Voice, Mr Mote has been in negotiations with Bruno Gollnisch, an MEP for Jean Marie Le Pen's Front National, who is behind this latest attempt to unite the far-right.

The proposed 'Transparency and Democracy' group, which would also involve the Flemish separatists Vlaams Belang appeared to be floundering after the Italian separatist party Lega Nord expressed their reluctance to join the group.

New Eurosceptic Campaign

Paul Sykes, who backed UKIP's European election campaign in 2004 to the tune of £1.5 million, launched yet another Eurosceptic campaign recently. In an article published in the Telegraph, we were promised a £10 million campaign, during which "Every man, woman and child will get to know what our relationship with the EU is".

Two weeks on and the campaign seems to be stuck in a bit of a rut. Rather than produce their own research they have simply lifted quotes from other peoples - some of which is used by such noble organisations as the BNP and the National Front. Rather than put up posters they are downloadable so campaigners can print and post them at their own expense.

Their website has not been updated since the start of the campaign. It looks like it has been designed and written by a two-year-old - the staff paid for with Sykes's millions can't even spell Peter Mandelson's name correctly - and the blogs and media section are still blank. The newspaper advertisements (of which there have been four), are remarkably uninspiring.

So much for £10 million. According to my calculations they haven't even spent £500k yet.

As for every man, woman and child getting to know what our relationship with the EU is, there is very little sign of that happening. I did a straw poll survey and asked a political journalist, two political studies students and an A-level student what they knew about the Speak Out campaign. They all gave us the same answer - "what campaign?" When I called The Sun's advertising office, they hadn't heard of it either; and even the people at the Times had to look through their records before they knew what I was talking about.

Their arguments are even weaker than their campaigning. Endless, unsubstantiated figures are wheeled out ad-nauseum, alongside rhetoric that gives the impression that it's not the EU's political structure they don't like, but that fact that it involves co-operating with foreigners.

According to them, over 80% of British laws now come from Brussels (when the figure quoted by the House of Commons library is 9%). Apparently, the Council of Ministers is best compared to Communist regimes in China and Cuba (when the Council is actually made up of democratically elected government ministers)

Sykes was challenged to an open debate about Britain's membership of the EU by the deputy leader of Labour's MEP's, Richard Corbett. He accepted, and the story ran in the Yorkshire Post. Unsurprisingly, his office has still not heard from the Sykes camp two weeks later. Euro sceptics like Sykes and UKIP don't really like scrutiny.

Tuesday, November 7


UKIP have voted almost unanimously to reject a European Parliament resolution seeking to save the lives of 31 000 breast cancer victims each year.

Messieurs Batten, Booth, Clark, Farage, Knapman, Nattras, Titford, Whittaker and Wise appallingly attempted to deny free biannual screening for women aged between 50 and 69 years of age, through which it is hoped early detection would lead to a 90% cure rate.

Fellow anti-socialist Ashley Mote abstained and former member Robert Kilroy-Silk was absent. Again.

Source: European Parliament web site

Wednesday, October 25


Joseph Fox, chairman of the Reigate, Epsom and Mole Valley branch of UKIP, seems to know a thing or two about forward-thinking environmental policy. Just check out this ill-informed and potentially destructive piece of advice in this letter to Redhill Life on 19 October:

"You suggest that landfill space will run out in about nine years (Life, October 11). Not true. There are plenty of holes in the ground that need filling, and there will always be more so long as we continue to make glass out of sand and bricks out of clay.

"The truth is that the European Union, through its Landfill Directive, has banned this form of waste disposal.

"Leaving aside the point that Britain leads the world in hygienic landfill, we should ask ourselves what possible business of the EU's this is.

"Perhaps our brilliant negotiators in Brussels agreed to this imposition in return for being allowed to keep double-decker buses - which the EU had plans to ban. It's the way our lives our governed these days. Did the party you voted for even mention the EU?"

By overlooking the fact that a) Britain is an island with a limited capacity to inter refuse, b) double deckers needed replacing to enable passengers with disabilities to use them and reduce emissions and c) all political parties brought the EU into their election campaigns, these primitive and unfounded scribblings merely indicate why Mr Fox is chair of his local branch and not party leader.

However, if Foxy were to donate his own garden for landfill, there would be little hesitation by British citizens to bury biodegradable waste there.

Notably the worthless and unworkable paper UKIP policies are written on.

Monday, October 16


UKIP have once again resisted EU attempts to secure human rights for its citizens by opposing the creation of a Fundamental Rights Agency. The proposal to establish the EU body to monitor human rights violations within Member States followed an alarming recrudescence of xenophobia, racism and homophobia, predominantly in Eastern Europe.

The Independence and Democracy group in the European Parliament, to which UKIP belong, tabled the amendment to reject the establishment of the agency and voted in favour, along with like-minded contemporaries Roger Helmer, Ashley Mote, Belgian Vlaams Belang chair Frank Vanhecke and French National Front MEPs Jean-Marie and Marine Le Pen. Former UKIP MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk, now a non-attached member, opted for an abstention.

Even more shocking than his voting record was Mr Kilroy-Silk's actual attendance in a Brussels plenary.

Wednesday, October 11


As posted on the British Independence and Democracy Forum, Richard Suchorzewski's self-pitying and somewhat self-incriminating resignation letter/UKIP diatribe can be found in full on the link below.

Doesn't appear to be any sign of this on the UKIP web site. Funny.

Tuesday, October 10

Suchorzewski resigns, blasting Farage and UKIP

Richard Suchorzewski, who came second to Nigel Farage in the recent UKIP leadership contest has quit the party, saying he can’t support it under the leadership of Nigel Farage.

In a lengthy resignation letter, published on the Democracy Forum, Suchorzewski accuses Farage, David Bannerman and their respective staff of a series of personal attacks on him. He also lists his concerns about fraud, the party’s transparency, moral integrity and even goes as far to question if Farage has links with the BNP.

As you will read it's a damning indictment of UKIP.

Some selected extracts from his letter:

“When I stood for the leadership election I did so, on a ticket of Transparency, Integrity and Equality. I knew there were significant problems with the Party, and also believed that the moral integrity of a number of people at the top left much to be desired.”

“Nothing however prepared me for the scurrilous behaviour, defamatory comments and downright dishonesty of some of Nigel Farage’s & David Bannerman’s staff, supporters and members of the Press Office staff, in which they clearly colluded. “

“I was accused of having associations with the BNP – even when these scoundrels knew that my grandfather was murdered by the Nazis in a concentration camp and my Great Grandfather was discovered hanged by them from a lamp post near his home by my 14 year old Father.”

“I was accused of being a homosexual, despite no evidence of this.“

“I was accused of having ‘run up’ a company debt of £4millions in one of my businesses when these accusers knew that I had purchased the company with secured debts, that it had already accrued, amounting to £4millions of losses.”

“I called for Party unity behind the new leader Nigel Farage, regardless of how he had gained his new position. I hoped this would in some way result in a change of attitude. Clearly it did NOT. Farage colluded with, and thus endorsed the scurrilous behaviour. He was not prepared for his staff to apologise for the BNP allegations as he felt that the issue ‘would go away’ – and he tried to justify the concern on the basis that a fellow NEC member David Abbott volunteered his support of my leadership candidacy.”

Farage has also claimed that a long term associate of his, Greg Lance-Watkins is a supporter and associate of the BNP, of which I have seen no evidence – yet this seems to besmirch my reputation, as G.L-W. openly supported my candidacy. This logic that UKIP’s new leader has adopted if seriously applied, must call into question his own credentials, bearing in mind both his long term association with G.L-W. and that the BNP actually refused to stand against Farage, and supported, his candidacy at the Bromley by-election. Does this make Nigel a BNP supporter?”

“On financial and transparency issues, I believe a cloud still overhangs the Ashford call centre and various aspects of UKIP accounts. Also the financial dealings and involvement in fraud, (as exposed by the media), of Tom Wise, one of UKIP’s MEPs, have not adequately been resolved. Likewise there has been a lack of transparency of others. I have contended that funding mechanisms are too heavily reliant on the EU, as this makes us subservient to the very body from which we wish to disassociate and which we openly accuse of corruption particularly in the area of accounting!”

“I was more than surprised that he allowed his cronies, supporters and certain staff to openly and reprehensibly lie and rubbish a loyal UKIP member, with elected duties, who devoted the last 2 years of his life, full time, unpaid, to help UKIP progress.”

Source: British Independence and Democracy Forum

Sunday, October 1


Euro MP Tom Wise failed to impress his contemporaries this week with yet another puerile UKIP contribution to an intense discussion on the merits of an attractive and intelligent Hungarian female MEP, Lívia Járóka.

Whilst politicians across the spectrum leapt to her defence following an appallingly sexist remark by Danish right-wing MEP Mogens Camre, the East of England member entered the e-mail debate to quote George Bernard Shaw in an attempt to get a bit of attention, adding:

"I am reminded of the George Bernard Shaw comment on combining brains and beauty. When it was a suggested by a delightful young lady that with his brains and her beauty their children would be future superfolk, GBS replied 'Ah yes, but what if they had your brains & my beauty?'


Unsurprisingly, not one MEP responded, especially once he had been outshone by an even more racist and sexist Bulgarian observer, whose outrageous comments were universally panned, taking the debate to a whole new level.

Source: European Parliament


Steven Cornwell, the UKIP candidate for Milton Keynes South West in the 2005 general election, has been sentenced to a three-month jail term, suspended for a year, at Aylesbury Crown Court following a child pornography conviction.

The 46-year from Monkston, Bucks, pleaded guilty to six charges of manufacturing indecent images of children, one charge of possessing them and one count of possessing a further 1,550 other indecent images between January 2003 and April 2005. Mr Cornwell admitted to acquiring some of the 127 level 1 to 4 pictures through chat rooms and file sharing but denied purchasing any by credit card.

In addition, the father of two and secretary of the Milton Keynes and Borders Counties Youth Football League was ordered to pay ₤1,500 in legal costs over a six-month period and surrender his computer equipment, as reported by the Milton Keynes Citizen on 26 September.

Thursday, September 14


Despite William the Conqueror having died in 1087, UKIP are once again fearing a Norman invasion in light of a secret cartographical machination that would grant Brussels "the right to change national boundaries".


The Directive on Spatial Information, seeking to engender improved cross-border co-operation and policy harmonisation, means, for UKIP at least, that the South East of England will naturally be handed over to the French.

Quel horreur!

Not to mention the East of England being carved up between the Benelux and Germany.

Mein Gott!

Whilst UKIP have interpreted this to be an overt federalist attempt to establish a United States of Europe, the rest of us here on terra firma have noted the benefits of closer environmental and health co-operation that the Interreg Project, the inspiration behind the directive, is providing for EU citizens.

In any case lads, you can sleep easy as the Commission will always uphold your human right to remain insular, arf!

Farage The Omniscient

Not that their voters had much choice, but Euro MP Nigel Farage has obviously been elected UKIP Leader to replace Roger Knapman MEP.

And as predicted, the former Dulwich College chap remains ambitious, reiterating the party's standard promises to maintain social class divides by increasing immigration controls, establishing a low tax economy and offering selective education.

Naturally, absurdity was never going to be too far away, with Mr Farage also pledging to make UKIP the largest party in the country by 2009.

Now we don't want to shatter your D:Reams, but......

Tuesday, September 12

Farage may have eased to victory in the leadership race but there are seemingly plenty of people he has failed to convince.

The Scarborough and Whitby UKIP website provides us with the views of Anthony Butcher, a member of the UKIP NEC, who, before the votes took place observed the following...

"There are two possible winners in the 2006 UKIP leadership contest - Nigel Farage MEP and Richard Suchorzewski. Nigel Farage - who is an accomplished public performer - is part of the old guard, the defacto UKIP leader for the past decade and someone who gets things done but is dictatorial in management style thus making him a devisive figure. Nigel is the one 'more of the same' candidate. He brought Kilroy (who quit UKIP after getting elected to Brussels) into the party and was the instigator of the doomed Independence-Democracy group EU referendum petition campaign which attracted only two or three per cent of the target two million signatures and cost £180,000 of taxpayers' money (on the campaign). Nigel staked his reputation on the by-election in Bromley and Chislehurst in June 2006, and threw everything at it. The party spent more than £70,000 there, and the campaign had more leaflet deliverers and billboards than any other UKIP by-election battle ever. It was hyped as UKIP's best ever chance and claims were made of 22 per cent support locally were made to the media. Yet, despite the huge efforts of Nigel and so many others, the result was a big disappointment. UKIP received just eight per cent of the vote - worse than other UKIP by-election results (such as Hartlepool and South Staffordshire) that didn't have comparable funds, activists or internal resources. This poor result is now going to hang over Nigel's leadership bid. Nigel wants UKIP to remain an anti-EU party - if you want and anti-Eu party - vote for Nigel. Richard (whose primary goal is also to rescue the UK from the EU) wants UKIP to grow into a full pro-British party engaging on every domestic issue (as well as on the EU). If you want a pro-UK party - vote for Richard Suchorzewski."

So not a great result for the modernisers by the sounds of it.

Though, those strange 851 souls who wanted to see David Noakes made boss will be even more disappointed.

Farage walks it

The results are in and as we all expected Nigel Farage has won the race to become UKIP's new leader.

The results are as follows:

David Campbell Bannerman - 1,443

Nigel Farage - 3,329

David Noakes - 851

Richard Suchorzewski - 1,782

Spoiled votes - 169

Total number of votes - 7,574

Friday, September 8

Farage's part-time MEP plans challenged

Hot favourite for the leadership contest, Nigel Farage, has been challenged by Labour MEP Richard Corbett over his intentions should he become UKIP’s next leader.

"I have written to UKIP MEP Nigel Farage after he pledged to spend as little as six days a month in Brussels and Strasbourg if he wins the current UKIP leadership contest.

I await his response with interest!

Below is a copy of the letter I have sent to Mr Farage."

Dear Mr Farage,

As the UK Independence Party’s leadership contest draws to a close, I am writing to ask you to publicly clarify a manifesto pledge you have made to your membership.

On your website – – you state:

"As the elected Leader of UKIP I would cut my time over there [Brussels and Strasbourg] to 6 or 7 days a month, and the rest of my working time I would devote to UKIP affairs."

I would hope that you do not need to be reminded that it is the British taxpayer who pays for you to carry out your duties as an MEP. Your constituents expect you to be representing their needs in Parliament on a full-time basis, and they do not expect you to reduce your working hours in order to follow your own personal political agenda.

You often speak, unfairly I might add, of the EU as a “gravy train”, with those elected to serve the people being involved purely for their own financial gain. On this basis, and should you be elected Leader, may I assume that you will not be receiving your full salary, as a result of the reduced representative service that you will be offering your constituents? I would hope that we both agree, receiving your full salary would be an act of astonishing hypocrisy and contempt for the hardworking tax payers of the United Kingdom.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Corbett MEP

Promises, promises

With the UKIP leadership contest finally approaching its conclusion it is worthwhile taking another look at some of the policies of the four candidates.

UKIP's attempts to present themselves as a serious, mainstream party have been let down by a variety of policies which range from the outrageous to the down right bizarre.

The Scarborough and Whitby UKIP website has provided us with a series of key points form each candidate. If you can bring yourself to read the entire, in-depth evaluation of each candidate click here.

David Campbell-Bannerman is perhaps typical of UKIP's obsession with political correctness - something he would to do away with all together.

He is quoted as saying: "We should sweep away the entire race, equality, and diversity industry. We should close down the Commissions based on equal opportunities, race disability and educational disadvantage, and require all public bodies, broadcasters and councils to drop diversity practices."

He continues: "It is clear this doesn't work, and PC quotas, social engineering and other Marxist related dogma all have to go."

He also states his desire for the UK to scrap the Human Rights Act and leave the European Convention of Human Rights saying: "Both merely codify the rights Britons have enjoyed for hundreds of years in any case, but actually undermine those rights."

Campbell-Bannerman also advocates English, Welsh and Scottish MPs meeting in their own countries once a month, though he recommends the Scottish Parliament should "be relocated to a smaller and less ugly building".

It is David Noakes, though, who is most responsible for hindering UKIP's attempts to portray themselves as serious.

His now infamous You Tube broadcast made clear his intention to "broadcast the terrible truth about the EU police state" and in a similar vein he warns journalists that the "EU plan to strip them of their freedom."

One of Noakes's key ideas is his intention to return power to the Monarchy! He sets out five clauses in a charter which the government would have to follow or otherwise be dismissed by the Monarch.

The first is: "The British government may not sign treaties or carry out any other action that might result in giving away its power or sovreignty without the consent of 66 per cent of the entire British electorate in two seperate ballots held five years apart. The Monarch should be allowed to immediately dismiss any government that breaches this rule."

Should he win, he also plans to hire a lorry to drive around Westminster with "EU Police State" warnings on the side while he describes members of UKIP as the "UK's freedom fighters".

But he trumps the lot with a his truly appalling and amoral suggestion that "A prisoner starting a life sentence shall be offered the chance to save the nation the millions it will cost to keep him by electing for a lethal injection. In return £100,000 will be shared equally by his family and his victim (or family)."

There is no mention of whether Noel Edmonds will adjudicate this macabre version of Deal or No Deal.

Wednesday, September 6

An interesting report on Roger Knapman's complaint to the Press Complaints Commission!

Wednesday, August 23

Flicking through a few Eurosceptic websites, I couldn’t help but notice an interesting manifesto pledge by David Noakes, a candidate in the upcoming UKIP leadership election.

“An additional National and Bank holiday will be attached to a weekend around the 1st November to fill the huge gap from August to Christmas. This holiday shall be named after a British hero, Guy Fawkes”.

Forgive me, but I thought that the reason UKIP opposed the EU was because of its love for the absolute sovereignty of Westminster, yet here they are idolising the very man who tried to blow it up!

Saturday, July 29

Leadership Update: Noakes Lets Rip

As the leadership contest gathers pace, here are some choice quotes from candidate David Noakes. NB He failed to get elected in Truro and St Austell last year, so let's not hold our breath....

Reiterating the party's usual absence of EU knowledge, Noakes is taking the alarmist approach once again, warning that "a vote for the Lib Dems, Conservatives or Labour is a vote for the EU police state". Oo-er!

And let's not overlook his intention to address every local councillor in the UK in order to "warn them they and their counties will be abolished by the EU Regionalisation Plan". Double oo-er!

Furthermore, as hilariously performed in his very unprofessional and most undignified YouTube film - aided by his super-star-in-the-making interviewer - he states that "the aim is to get every British person to make the link; EU equals police state".

I thought EU equalled European Union, but who am I to question Le Noakes!

Continuing to aggravate his self-humiliation, he garbles that "no MP should be able to hold a surgery without a UKIP member being present explaining the truth about the EU dictatorship and the fact that that MP will lose both his seat in Parliament once we are imprisoned in the EU".

A UKIP surveillance operation to impede democracy? Sounds a bit like a police state dont'cha reckon?!

Not to be outdone, Nigel Farage has made a shocking revelation: "UKIP is a national political party, and it must begin to act like one".

Who would have thought.....

Thursday, July 13


The UKIP Leadership election to find a successor for Roger Knapman has been scheduled for the 12 September with Nigel Farage considered favourite. Other candidates are party chairman David Campbell Bannerman, David Noakes and....... UKIP Wales chair Richard Suchorzewski.

Wales? Not particularly English is it guys, so one would assume he wouldn't be allowed to sit on your apparently much needed English Parliament.

And a Polish surname too.

How, erm, British.

Monday, July 3

UKIP kidding themselves over by-election

UKIP leader Nigel Farage declared himself pleased to have grabbed third place in the Bromley and Chislehurst by-election but the result is far from a ringing endorsement of the Eurosceptic party.

Tory candidate Bob Neill scraped in by the skin of his teeth with the Lib Dems coming within 633 votes of taking the seat.

With the Conservatives haemorrhaging votes (11,962 to be precise), a UKIP gain of 872 suggests people are not as fed up or scared of Europe as Farage and co would have us believe.

According to the Guardian, UKIP ploughed £75,000 into the by-election, a considerable sum for the return of votes they actually received.

In fact each of the 2,347 votes Farage picked up cost the princely sum of £31.96. Not exactly a bargain.

Monday, June 26

A voting record to be ashamed of

Experts have long been predicting a deadly pandemic influenza and with bird flu reaching Europe the European Parliament has been studying a report which, among other things, looked at minimising the chances of avian influenza mutating into a form transmissible between humans.

With the 1918 pandemic influenza estimated to have killed up to 50million people and HIV being clear evidence that viruses can cross from animals into humans, some sensible planning on the issue is obviously required.

As birds and viruses do not respect national boundaries international collaboration is also required.

UKIP ignored all of this though and added further ignominy to their voting record by voting against the measures this report recommended, measures which could help save millions of lives should a pandemic break out.

So it seems UKIP will stop at nothing to continue their protest against the EU, even when it means failing to support potentially life-saving actions.


UKIP MEPs have again demonstrated their relentless opposition to diversity and inclusion by voting against a European Parliament resolution condeming the rise in xenophobia, racism and homophobia in some EU states at the June Strasbourg session.

As shown on the roll-call list, Gerard Batten, Roger Knapman, Mike Natrass, John Whittaker and Tom Wise, along with non-attached members Roger Helmer and Ashley Mote, appalling all voted against, with the remainder refusing even to fulfil their duty of taking part.

Whilst this outcome was only to be expected from the secessionists, it comes, paradoxically, just two weeks after East Midlands representative Derek Clark had supported his Labour counterpart Neena Gill in condemning the European Parliament for refusing entry to a group of Sikh lobbysists wishing to wear their ceremonial daggers.

Mr Clark said: "I will be writing in the strongest terms to the President of the European Parliament, protesting at what seems quite apparently to be racist behaviour on the part of the European Parliament and demanding an apology to the Sikh community".

These events, coupled with the Polish worker scandal that recently befell Roger Knapman, demonstate all the more that the internal inconsistencies within UKIP policies on diversity and discrimination are highlighting their status as an underdeveloped, one-issue party.


As reported in the Financial Times on 7 June, internal power-struggles continue to dog our dearly beloved.....

"There have been months of near tranquillity for Ukip, so a public row in the eurosceptic party was long overdue. Geoffrey Kingscott, general secretary, has obliged by resigning in frustration at having his authority undermined. Last October Petrina Holdsworth, the chairman, quit after a leading MEP accused her of talking "a load of crap". Before that, of course, Robert Kilroy-Silk, chat-show host turned wannabe world leader, also left in a huff, calling the party "a joke" run by a "self-serving cabal"… Kingscott, a retired linguist, will have plenty to occupy his time. Having penned The Railways of Nottinghamshire and Last Train from Trent Station (not a thriller), he is now working on Lost Railways of Leicestershire and Rutland. Can't wait."

What would Dr Beeching say!

Thursday, June 15

Tory "softy" saves UKIP from new fall-out

"Apparently, UKIP members became embroiled in a row over the by-election when their candidate, Nigel Farage, suggested the party shouldn't stand. Farage insisted that since the Tories looked like selecting hardened Eurosceptic Syed Kamal, there was no point in pitting anyone against him. "A lot of us were miffed at that kind of approach and there ended up being a row," says one member. "We were keen to put up someone whatever happened. "But once that Euro-softy Bob Neill got in, Nige happily changed his tune.""

Source: The Independent's Pandora column.

Kingscott gets up a head of steam

The is from the Financial Times' The Way We Live Now column....

There have been months of near tranquillity for Ukip, so a public row in the eurosceptic party was long overdue. Geoffrey Kingscott, general secretary, has obliged by resigning in frustration at having his authority undermined.

Last October Petrina Holdsworth, the chairman, quit after a leading MEP accused her of talking "a load of crap".

Before that, of course, Robert Kilroy-Silk, chat-show host turned wannabe world leader, also left in a huff, calling the party "a joke" run by a "self-serving cabal"…

Kingscott, a retired linguist, will have plenty to occupy his time. Having penned The Railways of Nottinghamshire and Last Train from Trent Station (not a thriller), he is now working on Lost Railways of Leicestershire and Rutland. Can't wait."

Monday, June 5

UKIP to fight Bromley and Chislehurst

UKIP's deputy leader Nigel Farrage is to fight the late Eric Forth's Bromley and Chislehurst seat.

Mr Farrage told Gallery News today that he will make his announcement on Friday.

"I have had an invitation to stand from our local branch. It was passed unanimously. I will make my announcement on Friday."

According to sources close to Mr Farrage, his campaign on a 'Lend Me Your Vote' and 'New Labour or Blue Labour'.

"The source said, " Despite the 13,000 majority, he is convinced he can win it. It could be a major shock for all three major parties. He will spell out that he would not expect them to vote for him at a General Election - but he will appeal to the Conservative voters to send a shot across the bows of the Tory party.

"His message will be to lend him the seat until the next General Election to warn the Tories not to get too cosy on Europe, immigration and taxation."

Asked if he intended to stand, Mr Farrage told Gallery News, "I am positively thinking in that direction. I do not think the Conservative party or Bromley and Chislehurst Conservatives will choose someone in the mould of Eric Forth."

He said Mr Forth, whose funeral took place last week, was a 'signed up member' of the Better Off Out (of the EU) campaign.

"We would not have put up a candidate against Eric Forth at the next General Election. We do not believe that the Conservative will select a candidate who will maintain traditional party policies on Europe, tax and immigration - policies where there is nothing to choose between the three main parties.

"What I expect is that the voters will be offered a choice between New Labour and Blue Labour.

"I will be making a statement on Friday and it will be surprising if I do not accept the unanimous invitation of the Bromley party to stand as their candidate."

Mr Farrage said he expected the Conservatives to select their candidate
on Saturday, the writ to be moved on Thursday next week and for the
by-election to be held on June 29.

The result at the 2005 General Election:

Eric Forth, Conservative 23,583 (51.1%)
Rachel Reeves, Labour 10,241 (22.2%)
Peter Brooks, Liberal Democrat 9,368 (20.3%)
David Hooper, UK Independence Party 1,475 (3.2%)
Ann Garrett, Green Party 1,470 (3.2%)

Conservative majority: 13,342

Source: Gallery News, House of Commons (Wednesday 31 May)

UKIP MEP Joins Mussolini & Le Pen in Opposing Human Rights

UKIP MEP Joins Mussolini & Le Pen in Opposing Human Rights

UKIP and their MEP Tom Wise have been slammed today (Friday 19th May) for joining with the far right to vote against a European Parliament report defending human rights. While the Human Rights report authored by Suffolk Euro MP Richard Howitt drew cross party support gaining a massive 522 votes, Mr. Wise joined teamed up with far right members Jean Marie Le Pen and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's grand-daughter Alessandra Mussolini to oppose.

The Howitt Report names and shames states where human rights abuses are occurring, as well as making solid recommendations of how the EU and individual member states can be more effective in halting torture, abuse, oppression and the trafficking of people for slavery and sexual exploitation.

Labour's Richard Howitt who authored the report stated:

"The protection of human rights are a vital concern and in authoring this report I built consensus across the political divide, reflected in an overwhelming majority voting for this report. Our aim is to promote human rights and to punish those repugnant regimes that practice horrendous torture and oppression.

"UKIP obviously think that effective human rights should be opposed, but I have seen the horrific scars of torture victims and heard their terrifying stories, and I can tell you that UKIP should hang their heads in shame. They should have to explain their vote personally to the victims of human rights abuses."

Monday, May 15


Criticism of Roger Knapman's hypocracy following the Polish plasterer fiasco has refused to subside, most recently with this pertinent response by Richard Corbett MEP in the Sunday Times (14 May 2006):

SPIT AND POLISH: It is prescient that the revelations of UKIP leader Roger Knapman using Polish workers to renovate his house (News, last week) should come in the week of Europe day (May 9). Even the most ardent Eurosceptic can find benefits of being in the European Union. In recent weeks the EU has planned to bring down the cost of mobile phones (lowering roaming costs), cut deaths on Europe's roads (the eCall system), made sunbathing safer (ensuring suncreams are clearly labelled), and is working towards a better future for football on the continent (Independent European Football Review). -Richard Corbett MEP, Leeds.


In an interview with April's European Voice, Godfrey Bloom has once again attacked the rights of women in employment and their representation at EU level by citing their existence as a constant hindrance to the business world.

In a blatant attempt to unnecessarily undermine EU anti-discrimination policies, the Yorkshire and Humber MEP quipped "I think one of the most awkward questions I have been asked since I took my seat as a substitute member of the Women’s Committee is “What is it for?” I have to respond that I am not really sure. In point of fact I sometimes think it does active harm".

During the misogynistic diatribe, Mr Bloom outrageously claimed that "We have at the moment the absurd situation where a female applicant does not have to say if she is pregnant at an interview, whether she intends to get pregnant or indeed if she becomes pregnant if she intends to return to work".

To further insult the achievements of the women's movement in Europe, Bloom continued:

"Let us look at the lunatic Norwegian system of compulsory women in the boardroom. 40%! If I go to Norway (and I do) to negotiate a shipping contract I now do not know if the female director to whom I am talking is competent or a “token woman”. This is wicked and patronizing and I can assure everyone deeply resented by the business career woman."

Aside from Norway not being an EU member state and therefore not part of the women's committee (benefit of the doubt given to Mr Bloom's geographical knowledge), it is clear the antiquated UKIP attitude prevails: that women who are not prepared to sacrifice their maternal instincts should not be entitled to equal treatment in the workplace.

With typical contradiction, Mr Bloom concluded his tirade by adding "Women do not need special help over men, have faith in them, I do."

However, the existence of our current patriarchal business world and Mr Bloom's comments merely reiterate the need to reinforce legislation protecting the rights of female employees - and an EU-level representative committee.


In response to recent articles exposing his employment of Polish plasterers despite vehemently denouncing immigration, UKIP Leader Roger Knapman has justified his hypocracy by issuing the "true story" on the party web site.

See for yourselves…..


In his bid to protect the British pint from its apparently imminent annihilation, Yorkshire and Humber's Godfrey Bloom is attempting to win over his many critics - and the European Commission - by bribing fellow politicians and journalists with an assortment of British beers.

The MEP-cum-barmaid will be pulling pints - with hand pumps no less - in Place de Luxembourg, Brussels on Wednesday 31 May.

Not that we mind, just so long as he cleans properly behind the fridge afterwards.......


In protest at competition policy having led to shared broadcasting rights for Premiership football matches, sacked chat show host turned MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk has demanded a reimbursement from the EU for the extra cost he has apparently incurred.

Now, Mr Kilroy-Silk, what would you say if the EU were to demand a reimbursement for, let's say, having such an appalling parliament attendance record?

We look forward to hearing from you...

Monday, May 8

Interesting to see something of a lack of conviction from UKIP’s Roger Knapman.

The hypocritical party (Independent leader, p. 28): "It has been revealed that Roger Knapman, the leader of UKIP, is using Polish builders to renovate his grand house in Devon…UKIP were the only British group in the European Parliament to vote against allowing central and eastern European states, such as Poland, into the EU Mr Knapman's party was also deeply opposed to the right of any new entrant citizens to work in the UK, claiming there was no demand for imported labour. We should not forget either that UKIP tapped into some nasty xenophobic instincts in its general election manifesto by raising the spectre of "floods of migrants" coming into Britain."

Apparently a UKIP spokesman commented that Mr Knapman has used the builders “for their skills” and not because they were cheap. Shock horror, does this mean that UKIP recognise skilled workers from other countries have a legitimate use in this country? Surely not…

Saturday, April 29

Flagging Up Trouble

Matt Davies, the UKIP candidate for Knaphill in the local elections, has expressed his outrage at an order by senior fire officers to remove the Union Flag at a station in Woking.

"The fact the council is saying this is due to health and safety concerns, is the most ludicrous notion I have ever heard.

"It is typical of the weak, subservient old parties to see this pushed through. It's time we started trusting our people again and give them back their right to show pride in their country!"

As the diatribe continued, so did the nationalist sentiments:

"Many of the fire fighters angry at this decision are ex-forces, who have fought for this country's freedoms. UKIP believe they are being let down terribly by the politicians who are supposed to represent them. We believe the coming council elections are an ideal time for people to show that enough is enough!"

Defection Numero Dos

Former Tory MP for Ludlow Christopher Gill has announced his immediate defection to UKIP amid claims that there is dissatisfaction within the Conservative Party about re-instating "dinosaurs" to the front bench and, more significantly, party differences on Europe. "I know that there are quite a number of Conservative members and probably MPs in other parties too, who secretly agree with what UKIP is trying to do".

"It is just sad that they won't have the courage to do what is right for our country and come out of the closet and say so".

Perhaps setting up a hotline for angst-ridden would-be UKIP converters would be of help.

Riddle of the Spinks

Rumours abound in Westminster this week regarding the possible defection of Conservative MP Bob Spinks to UKIP, as reported in the Hickey column of the Daily Express (13.04.06)

According to an inside source, "Bob made it clear he didn't approve of what Cameron said because UKIP is a party he respects".

And it appears UKIP would be just as glad to have him as the Tories would be to get rid: "It is well known UKIP Would be delighted to have someone as able as Bob on board and there's now a fear he could change sides if Cameron continues with these outbursts".

The Telegraph equally highlighted the Castle Point MP's sympathy for the much-maligned secessionists: "UKIP supporters are no more racist than the Tories were in the last election. I regret very much the personalised political attack on UKIP".

Racism, naturally, being perfectly acceptable provided the threshold is clarified before the campaign.


"Fruticakes, Loonies and Closet Racists" Revisited

Amid the media frenzy that followed the comments made by David Cameron, the Tory leader's press secretary, former UKIP candidate George Eustice, has, somewhat diplomatically, supported the views of his employer. "David's right. I agree with him. I was in UKIP long enough to realise it wasn't the political party for me".

Not wanting to say I could have told you so, but .......

Source: London Evening Standard, 18 April, Londoner's Diary

Crossed Wires

UKIP old boy Jeffrey Titford picked up a few wrong signals this week over proposals to erect an Orange mobile mast in the village of North Farmbridge. The Eastern Counties MEP had falsely and vociferously claimed that the local nursery, Deerlands, would be forced to close on health and safety grounds, but was put in his rightful place by owner Heidi Cook who refuted his allegations.

"I did not provide any information directly to Mr Titford regarding the alleged closure of my nursery if the mobile phone mast was granted permission and, indeed, was not asked".

Once the truth emerged, Mr Titford could only muster up a somewhat sheepish and curt response: "There has been a misunderstanding, arising from information given to me by other villagers, and I apologise".

And so the vacancy for a new village idiot was duly filled!

Motormouth Natrass

With typical sensationalist fervour, UKIP transport spokesman Mike Natrass has cited the party's favourite scapegoat as the culprit for the closure of the Royton Peugeot factory by claiming that the EU has single-handedly orchestrated its move to Slovakia through EU grants.

Overlooking the strict, member-state monitored cohesion funding system, Mr Nattrass said "The Commission has decided that Trnava deserves the jobs more than Coventry, with the British government doing nothing more than a helpless bystander".

Failing to realise that this was the choice of the manufacturer and beyond political intervention, Mr Natrass continued:

"How can our democratically elected parliament at Westminster have given the unelected European Commission the power to play god with British workers jobs?"

As the answer to that rhetorical question is so simple, Mr Natrass is obviously dying to be sent to Coventry, arf arf!

Wednesday, April 19

Joan Collins: Life, politics and sheer bitchery (Sunday Times
News Review, 16 Apr, p. 7): "In the 1980s Collins was well known for
her Thatcherite views. Today she is an unashamed Brussels-bashing
English patriot. A year ago she came out for UKIP, telling the press
that she was flattered to be asked by her friend Robert Kilroy-Silk
- then a leading party member - to be a patron of the party. Now she's
about as happy at having appeared at the UKIP meeting as she is at
having appeared on Footballers' Wives. "One afternoon in Nottingham I
was bored and my friend Robert Kilroy-Silk asked me to come to a UKIP
meeting and have my photo taken with him. So I did. And that was it. I
never said I was patron or a supporter.""

Sunday, April 16

Are You Local?

As the local elections loom, our beloved UKIP have released their new, improved (and grammatically sound) manifesto to show us just what a modern, 21st century party they really are.

As local election co-ordinator Jonathan Arnott explains "It has taken us a long time to get used to the idea that there is a lot more that the UK Independence party must be talking about". Hmmm, the single-issue party label wearing a bit thin, is it? Despite attempts to broaden their policy spectrum, their lack of homework is self-evident.

Take their section on transport for instance seeking "Closer local control of public transport and improved safety, particularly at night". Sounds like a positive mantra for such a forward-thinking ensemble, n'est-ce pas? And the altruism is twofold, with their plans to save visitors to the capital a few pennies with a defiant "Say NO to crackpot congestion charges". With such extraordinary policies in place, our roads would be the safest in the world.... because the mass influx of private vehicles lured back to a free-entry London would have brought all the buses to a permanent standstill!

The financial thriftiness and road safety theme continues with the call to "Remove speed cameras unless they cut accidents". Well, naturally, why would we need them with all that inert traffic in our cities? Not forgetting that if you live in a rural area there is, of course, no risk at all to life or limb from speeding vehicles. Fruitcakes!

And the principal objective of the manifesto? "Reorganise local taxes to slash council tax by 50%". Nice traditional vote-wooing material there, but this, coupled with funding lost through scrapping socially and environmentally responsible congestion charges and speed cameras would merely leave the transport system in dilapidation. Unless hailing a glorified skateboard to work on a wet winter morning down a pot-holed A-road is your cup of darjeeling, you had better get those rusty cogs to come up with a few more realistic policies. Unconvinced we remain!
Source: UKIP

Friday, April 14

Nutters fruitcakes and racists?

Cameron's reference to UKIP as "nutters fruitcakes and racists" seems to have become one of his most quoted lines. Yet what took him so long to notice? After all, much of the evidence was already around in the 2004 Britain in Europe publication on UKIP. Click here to see:

Thursday, April 13

UKIP Crash ‘Camp Cameron’

Whilst the Conservative Spring Conference was heating up in Manchester UKIP ‘fruitcakes’ were cooling off after their latest spat with Tory leader David Cameron.

Whilst David Cameron was speaking at the Conservative Party Conference UKIP were seeking revenge by “parking their tanks on Cameron’s lawn”.

UKIP Leader, Roger Knapman and MEP Nigel Farage were so upset and angered by Mr Cameron’s comments that they vowed to “do everything we have to through the law to make him apologise." They threatened to sue Cameron, contest all Tory seats in the forthcoming Local elections and park their tanks firmly on David Cameron’s lawn.

Worried that they might not gain enough support in the local elections, UKIP, led by Farage, took to the streets, blocking the entrance to the Tory party conference and encouraging Tory voters to join ranks with them.

They came, they saw, but did they conquer? Nope, they have actually decided to drop their lawsuit against The Tories. But why UKIPWatch asks? Perhaps it’s because they actually do have “some pretty unsavoury connections with the far right”. Or perhaps it's because they say one thing at home and do another in Brussels. Whilst Roger Knapman and chums are contesting Tory marginals in the UK, Farage is getting into bed with Tory MEPs.

UKIPWatch loves nothing more than some right wing in fighting. Long may it reign!

Source :BBC
Source: Richard Corbett Blog
Source: The Telegraph

Tuesday, April 4

Fruitcake Farage and his closest racist colleagues

In an interview today with LBC, a London news station, Conservative Leader David Cameron referred to UKIP members as "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists".

In an apparent attempt to gain some political points with voters and distance his party from extreme right wing fascist parties, has Cameron gone too far? Or are UKIP actually racists? Let’s see………………..

A former key figure in the UKIP ranks, Robert Kilroy Silk labelled Arabs "suicide bombers, limb amputators and women repressors" on his BBC Talk Show in 2004.

Deputy Leader Mike Nattrass once stood as a candidate in the Dudley West by-election as a NBP (New Britain Party), a party known to be anti-immigration and somewhat racist. Source: The Observer 2001

Now UKIPWatch couldn't possibly comment on the alleged "closet racists" but the Press and fellow UKIPWatchers may wish to consult the following list:

Aidan Rankin - former co-author of the UKIP manifesto - member of the Third Way, a breakaway party from the National Front. Source: The Independent 3 June 2004

Alastair McConnachie - former UKIP candidate - Holocaust denier The Guardian Source :

Martyn Heale – Former UKIP South Thanet Branch Chairman, now Agent and Campaigns Manager - former National Front branch organiser and candidate. Source: The Guardian

Mark Deavin – Post Graduate Student of Dr Alan Sked, a London School of Economics lecturer and UKIP founder – Links to the British National Party Source : The Guardian

Nigel Farage says he's happy to be branded a fruitcake, a loony and gadfly afterall... “i'm wearing the gadfly tie today” He however denies the "racist" remarks claiming…. "We are a non-racist, non-sectarian party..."

Really Nigel……? Isn’t it worrying when even Robert Kilroy Silk accuses you of being “bloody right wing fascist nutters

Shhhhh! Don't tell Kilroy!

No-one tell "the man with the tan" but UKIP are on the lookout for a new leader! Current leader Roger Knapman ends his four year term this summer and is looking for an unlucky candidate to step into his shoes! Campaigning will begin in May with ballot papers being issued to the 20,000 party members with the final result declared at their Annual Conference. With a mix of known and unknown characters in the running UKIPWatch has a rundown of potential candidates.

Nigel Farage: current IND/DEM Leader

Do you want an ex Tory who can barely retain his deposit?

Farage: current Independence and Democracy Group co-leader, founding member of UKIP and former Chairman. He is a former Conservative activist before joining the Anti-Federalist League. He is becoming more and more interested in sitting in Westminster standing in both the 2001 and 2005 General Elections. In 2005 he only just managed to retain his £500 deposit with a total of 2079 votes. Do you want a leader who cannot win elections?

Source: The Guardian

Do you want an untrustworthy leader?

Farage has a reputation for being a ladies' man when News of the World article printed his latest love quest - part Swedish, and part German, Latvian born Liga Howells. "Married MEP Nigel Farage formed a European union with a WOMAN, begging her to get MaaSTRICHT with him during sex"
Can you really trust a leader who is unfaithful?

Source: News of the World 29 January 2006

Do you want a leader who is involved in a financial scandal?

Both the leader and President of the IND/DEM Group, Nigel Farage and Jens Bonde, are currently being investigated by the legal service of the Court of Auditors., "a website for the latest EU news", is funded by the IND/DEM Group. Both Bonde and Farage are facing financial liabilities should this investigation reveal that cross subsidies have breached EU financial rules. has been using C grade Parliament staff, offices and other Parliament benefits to fund their website with no mention of the link. Infact they previously claimed to be "an independent website published by ASBL".


David Campbell Bannerman: Current Chairman

Do you want a leader who is the Great Nephew of a Liberal Prime Minister and a former Tory activist?

Campbell-Bannerman is the current UKIP Chairman, replacing Petrina Holdsworth in 2005. He is the Great Nephew of Liberal Prime Minister, Henry Campbell-Bannerman (1906-1908) and a former Tory activist. He was a prominent figure in Conservative party politics becoming Special Adviser to Sir Patrick Mayhew, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in 1996.

Source : UKIP

Do you want a flip-flopping politican?

Nephew of a Liberal, former Tory candidate and now UKIP member! Can one person be any more of a "flip-flop" politician? Campbell Bannerman stood in Glasgow Rutherglen in 1997, as a Conservative candidate, gaining only 9% of the vote, in 2001 in Warwick and Leamington and then in 2005 as a UKIP candidate with only 5% of the vote.

Source : Ask Aristotle

Mike Nattrass: Current Deputy Leader

Do you want a leader who is a former member of the New Britain Party?

Nattrass, UKIP MEP for the West Midlands is currently Deputy Leader of UKIP. He is also a former member of the New Britain Party, standing in the Dudley West by-election on 1994 as an NBP candidate. The New Britain Party is an anti-immigration party and a particularly racist party. Nattrass fortunately gained a mere 146 votes. Do you want a racist leading your party?

Source: The Observer, 2001

Do you want a leader who attacks the only woman in the party?

While the main political parties are campaigning on issues particularly affecting women is it right for UKIP's Deputy Leader to pick fights with their only female representative? In late September 2005 a "war of words" began with Natrass and former Party Chairwoman Petrina Holdsworth. Nattrass was "outraged" that Petrina claimed he and his fellow Brussels colleagues were employing people but not fully utilising them. After numerous emails back and forth, extreme personal attacks and nasty comments Petrina was forced to resign.

Source: The Telegraph

Who stays and who goes....... you decide!!

Wednesday, March 29

Kick out France? NO! Kick out Kilroy!!

Although Robert Kilroy-Silk is no longer officially a UKIP MEP, UKIPWatch could not stand by and let this latest outrageous statement go unheard.

In his latest question to the EU Commission Kilroy asks if the “EU is comfortable having France as a member state” This has come as a result of recent research by National Consultative Council on Human Rights, a French Human Rights organisation when it revealed that one third of French people call themselves racist.

Kilroy’s racist attitude and remarks have been around for years. In 1991 he referred to Muslims as “backwards and evil”. He then went on to say “if it is racist to say so... then racist I must be — and happy and proud, to be so.”

In his Daily Express column in 2002 Kilroy described Ireland as “a country peopled by peasants, priests and pixies”. He accused Africa as being “No bloody use at all” and says, “Africa’s plight is mostly the fault of Africans”.

His most outrageous remarks however came from his Express on Sunday article “We owe Arabs nothing” where he refers to Arabs as being "suicide bombers, limb-amputators and women repressors".

To stamp out racism there is no better way than to have 25 or more different countries talking and making policies together. As Tony Blair said in his December speech to MEPs in Brussels “"This is 2005, not 1945. We are not fighting each other any more!"

For someone who has a whole string of racist remarks under his belt it seems like a case of “pot calling the kettle black” when calling for France to be kicked out of the EU. Perhaps the Commission ought to give Kilroy his P45!

Source: This is Derbyshire March 28 2006

The name's Bonde...................... Jens Bonde

In an attempt to emulate his childhood hero, it seems Nigel Farage may have got his wires crossed and his finances in a pickle. Mistaking the Danish IND/DEM President for the British spy, it seems Nigel followed in the footsteps of the wrong Bond!

Both the leader and President of the IND/DEM Group, Nigel Farage and Jens Bonde, are currently being investigated by the legal service of the Court of Auditors., "a website for the latest EU news", is funded by the IND/DEM Group. Both Bonde and Farage are facing financial liabilities should this investigation reveal that cross subsidies have breached EU financial rules. is being accused of using C Grade Parliament staff, European Parliament offices and other such benefits to run the website. The current editor of the website, Lisbeth Kirk, however refuses to accept these accusations. " has own staff paid by our own incomes who also make part of the work. The cooperation is mentioned at the EUobserver website under the heading press review." Of course she would deny all; she's married to Jens Bonde MEP!

EU Reporter (13-24 March 2006), an Independent newspaper NOT funded by public institutions, revealed that having visited the website it stated that " is an independent website published by ASBL". UKIPWatch can now reveal that the editors are now covering their back with the statement "The Press Review is produced in co-operation with the IND/Dem Group in the European Parliament."

After weeks of backbiting and bitterness towards the Labour Party and the 'Cash for Honours' story it seems UKIP leaders are not so squeaky clean themselves. If the investigation proves that the website is breaching rules the IND/DEM could be losing both friends and finances!

Thursday, March 16

How to make friends and influence people……!

In a surprisingly unexpected announcement in Strasbourg on March 16th 2006 UKIPWatch regrets to inform fellow UKIPWatchers that the Polish and Italian delegations (Liga Nord and Liga Polskich Rodzin) have announced their withdrawal from the Independence and Democracy Group within the European Parliament. Or were they kicked out?

The Italian Liga Nord have long been associated with fascist groups and individuals and a recent outburst on National Television from their leader angered MEPs into calling for their withdrawal from the IND/DEM Group. Roberto Calderoli appeared on Rai Uno (the most watched TV station in Italy) wearing a T Shirt showing the controversial Mohammed cartoons.

We are unsure if the Polish Liga Polskich Rodzin chose to withdraw themselves from the Group or whether they were given a slight push out of the door? Having failed to sign an invitation to join the re-structured group they too will sit as Non Attached Members.

So what does this mean for our UKIP buddies? Well, European Parliament rules state that Political Groups must have at least 19 MEPs from 5 different member states. The current IND/DEM Group has 22 members from 8 member states. If 4 members from as little as 2 member states leave this could cause the Group to fold!

This now brings us back to their initial comments after the June 2004 Euro Elections. “We’ll wreck it - expose it for the waste, the corruption and the way it's eroding our independence and our sovereignty.” A difficult thing to do when you are now part of the smallest Political Group and all your allies deserting you.

So….what’s next for UKIP? Will they too defect to joining their old buddies Ashley Mote and Robert Kilroy-Silk as Non Attached Members? Will they invite the Tories to join a newly founded Group with the Italians and Polish fascists? Will they remain loyal to the Independence and Democracy Group and pray the other delegations don’t leave? Or will they give it all up and take the “Gravy Train” back home?

UKIPWatch waits in anticipation!

Source: EU Observer 16.03.2006

Monday, March 13

Prostitutes: “do IT because they want to” claims Godfrey Bloom

On March 8, International Women’s Day 2006, the European Parliament launched its “Red Card to Forced Prostitution” campaign in time for this year’s World Cup in Germany. Around 700,000 women and children are trafficked through international borders each year and it is estimated that around 40,000 will be trafficked and forced to work as prostitutes during the World Cup celebrations.

MEPs, both male and female, from all ends of the political spectrum emphasised there outrage at this modern day form of slavery and encouraged the European Commission and other colleagues to step up action to combat this violation of human rights.

UKIP’s representative on the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee, Godfrey Bloom, although unable to attend the seminar was not short of a word or two on the subject. In an outrageous statement to the Yorkshire Today, Mr Bloom announced he used to visit brothels in Hong Kong when he was a businessman. Bloom then went on to claim “most girls do it because they want to. If they (prostitutes) wanted a job as a Tesco check-out girl, they'd go do that instead."

Linda McAvan, Labour MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside, disgusted by Bloom’s comments highlighted the fact that “once again, Mr Bloom is making comments that question his suitability for public office. If he did any research on the subject I think he would find that prostitution is a very sad affair and the majority of girls don't have any choice in what they're having to do." Yorkshire Today

Bloom was also given speaking time in today’s Debate in the Strasbourg Plenary on “Forced Prostitution in the framework of sporting events”. UKIPWatch was hoping Bloom would withdraw his outrageous remarks and come out in support of tighter measures to combat forced prostitution. We were however left speechless when he failed to show up.

Yorkshire Today, March 10 2006
The Sprout, March issue 2006
European Parliament Debate on Forced Prostitution in the framework of sporting events March 13th 2006 6pm

Monday, March 6

MEPs take a big step forward; UKIP takes a huge step back!

The Services Directive, the most important piece of legislation the European Parliament has seen in recent years, was voted on in the February II plenary session in Strasbourg - and in their usual fashion UKIP MEPs tried hard to mess it up! The directive aims to open up the market, creating around 600,000 jobs and producing revenue of around 30 billion euros. UKIP MEPs however decided to score themselves extra 'Anti-Europe' media points by causing problems in the hemicycle. Nigel Farage, getting a little confused over when to vote in favour and when to vote against, decided to call for the vote to be referred back to Committee. He claimed the confusion over various amendment wording was “degenerating into a farce”. European Parliament Speeches UKIPWatch likes to associate the word farce with Nigel and his party and NOT the voting system! Thankfully, an overwhelming majority ignored Farage’s plea!

MEPs and UKIPWatch observers may be forgiven for thinking that UKIP MEPs had finally found their socialist values for on 3 key issues (social services, welfare and labour law), they voted in favour. Well, most of them did – Farage and his little group of followers had gone in a huff that no one had listened to their plea to throw the vote back to Committee and therefore refused to vote! Observers may also be inclined to think that UKIP MEPs were perhaps looking over the shoulder of a nearby Socialist for help!

Then there is poor old Ashley Mote. Not only did Mote have the Party Whip removed but he seems to have been left out of the voting list circle too. Instead of trying to figure out when he was in favour and when he was against, Mote decided to keep his finger on the abstention button during anything that seemed remotely controversial.

And just when we thought UKIP were finally coming to their senses they rule out all the positive voting they cast on the 3 key votes by voting against the final resolution. Once again, the idea of UKIP thinking anyone but themselves is far from reality.

Tuesday, February 21

UKIP to change name to 'Independence'

According to a recent news report, UKIP is planing to rename itself 'Independence' and move even further to the right, in an attempt to capitalise on what it sees as the Conservative Party's move to the centre ground of UK politics under the new leadership of David Cameron.

This latest attempt to get away from its traditional single-issue politics of UK withdrawal from the European Union will even see a recruitment drive for more women candidates which poses the question whether Yorkshire MEP Godfrey Bloom will be leading this recruitment drive. For those who may not remember, Godfrey Bloom is infamous for his comments in the European Parliament when he claimed that he wanted "to deal with women's issues [...] because I just don't think they clean behind the fridge enough." adding "I am here to represent Yorkshire women, who always have dinner on the table when you get home."

UKIP's planned policies include a campaign for the introduction of some form of proportional representation for Westminster elections in addition to independence for schools, hospitals and local councils as well as lower taxes.

Perhaps the more enlightened of UKIP's misguided party members and voters (should they exist) will be seeking their own 'independence'.

Source: Yorkshire Post

Friday, February 17

UKIP MEPs vote for a measure that could have destroyed many British fishing livelihoods

In an astonishing and wholly irresponsible move, undermining Britain's national interest, all ten of UKIP's MEPs voted against defending the Shetland Box for a further three years.

The measure to ensure that protected waters around Shetland and Orkney remained protected, thus ensuring the survival of Scotland's northern communities had been supported by the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee last month. However, a last minute bid by Spanish and French MEPs to water the proposal down was backed by UKIP, thus risking defeating the coalition of Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and SNP MEPs who were all rightly defending the interests of Brtish fishermen.

This latest irresponsible vote shows how UKIP simply cannot be trusted to represent its voters' and its constituents' interests. Their tactic of voting against almost everything is a dangerous and irresponsible one, betraying the misguided faith put in them by voters in the 2004 European elections. Instead of working to secure the UK and Europe's common interest it seems they are content to work to destroy both.

Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson, the Conservative European Parliament spokesperson on fisheries lambasted UKIP, rightly asserting that "Fishermen across Britain will rightly be disappointed UKIP was not defending their interests today. UKIP MEPs owe our fishermen an explanation".

Source: Conservative Party

Saturday, February 4

Dissent in the UKIP ranks as UKIP website focuses on non-white immigration

UKIP has published an article on its website, reproduced from the Daily Telegraph, entitled Britain’s non-white population up 500,000. While this may be acceptable for a national newspaper to print, for a party in which certain factions have had alleged close links to the BNP, and which claims to be focused on UK withdrawal from the EU, doubts must be raised as to the reason for posting this article on the UKIP website. Indeed, such doubts have been raised by UKIP supporters with some incredulous supporters commenting that UKIP might as well announce their merger with the BNP and asking themselves if UKIP really are the BNP.

Indeed, the Chairman of UKIP Wales was so concerned that he wrote to UKIP leader Roger Knapman. Below is the text of the message:

“Roger (Knapman),

I am very concerned to see that 2 out of 3 of our top stories on website relate to immigration (and with no reference relating them to the EU).

I am particularly anxious that the main headline refers to "
Britain's Non-White population is up 500,000".

I accept it’s a newspaper headline but is it a top story for us?
What impression does this give to those who view our site?
I understood that our concern is space not race is this correct?
I hope and trust this is an oversight on someone’s part.

To prevent further embarrassment I think it should be removed or at least placed out of the 'top story' bracket - our Party is experiencing enough problems without adding to them in this way.

Other stories such as EuroPol, Barroso's key note speech to French Parliament (who introduced him as the leading politician in Europe when he is merely head of the Civil service in the EU) and Vice President EU Commissioner Wallstrom's upcoming participation in the 'Sound of Europe' Conference have not been included.


Richard Suchorzewski

However, the article which was originally posted on January 27 is still on the website at the time of writing this (over a week later) so the UKIP leadership have obviously not listened to the voices of dissent from within their own party, but instead it seems they are content to pander to the extreme elements of the party (its leaders and MEPs?).

Source: UKIP and UKIP forum

Thursday, February 2

UKIP MEP sleeping with the enemy?

While UKIP MEP and co-founder Nigel Farage is well known for his strong Euro-sceptic views, he certainly has no qualms about forming his own particular European union or cheating on his wife, according to the News of the World. Reported this weekend in its pages, was the story of Liga Howells, a part-Swedish, part-German, Latvian-born 25 year old who claims that the UKIP stallion made love to her seven times, and as if that wasn’t enough also asked to be spanked!

The irony of the whole affair is of immense proportions, intensified by the fact that Liga also speaks seven languages! Apparently Farage asked Liga to humiliate him, which begs the question whether he has not had enough humiliation in the European Parliament recently?

However, on a more serious note, grave questions must be asked should these allegations prove to be true. This is just one more kick in the face for all those voters duped into voting for UKIP in the 2004 European elections. It is the latest in a long line of irresponsible actions and words from UKIP, ranging from being openly racist to a complete lack of action whatsoever in the European Parliament, failing dismally to represent the best interests of their UK constituents, not to mention Tom Wise’s finances and allegations of sleaze surrounding them. This latest irony is typical of these hypocrites.

Mr Farage does admit staying out all night at Ms Howell’s but denies that any sexual relationship took place.

Source: News of the World 29 January 2006

Saturday, January 21

UKIP Anger MEPs With Autism Jibe

This week, UKIP had scheduled a meeting critical of the European parliament for debating the future of the European Constitution. The renown politically incorrect Party entitled the press conference "Parliamentary Autism".
This angered some members, including Labour MEP Richard Howitt a member of the Parliaments disability intergroup, who called on UKIP to withdraw the title as it was offensive to people with autism.
However, the East Midlands Conservative MEP, Roger Helmer, responded to Howitt by asking him, via email: "Would you have a problem if I were to write a maritime novel and say 'the ship was crippled by a torpedo'? Perhaps you would but, if so, it only illustrates the absurd lengths to which political correctness and the verbal fascism of the left has gone."

Source: The Guardian, 19 January 2006

UKIP U turn on Port Services

In a rare show of unity, MEPs from all political parties representing the UK in the European Parliament voted in a similar fashion this week, to throw out the infamous Port Services Directive. The draft directive, which proposed opening up ports to competition had earlier in the week caused huge demonstrations on the streets of Strasbourg.
UKIP MEPs who were to blame for the directive not being slung out of the Parliament in November, joined Labour, Conservative and Liberals in sending the European Commission a clear signal - that their sloppy port services package is simply not good enough.
Labour MEP Robert Evans said “ We are not rejecting this for the sake of it. It is because the proposals in front of us will do nothing to encourage business, secure jobs or advance health and safety. If the Commission wants to change port services, they'll have to go back and think again.”
UKIPs position, in throwing the directive out, marked a huge U turn after they voted to keep the draft directive back in November (probably as a result of pressing the wrong button in a vote in the Transport Committee.) UKIP joined Tories and Liberals in changing their mind on the draft law- they too had voted to keep the directive last time it was before the Parliament.

Source: European Parliament Minutes

Monday, January 16

European Parliament Prepares to Pick up Pieces of UKIP's mess.

This week 6000 angry dockworkers will be descending on the European Parliament in Strasbourg to show their fury at European Commission proposals to open up ports to competition.
If put in place, the port services directive would mean opening up EU ports to external competition- something which has angered dockers' unions who claim the plans will put 25,000 jobs at risk.
The whole situation however could have been avoided if it wasn't for a clueless UKIP MEP on the Parliament's Transport committee.
The Transport committee had the opportunity to throw out the draft law last month, when Socialist MEPs supported by both Tories and Lib Dems put forward a motion to send the proposals to the scrap heap.
Howver, UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass along with former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote -so used to voting against whatever is put in front of them, voted against throwing the sloppy legislation out.

Labour MEP Robert Evans said: "We didn't try to reject this proposal for the sake of it. It is because the proposals in front of us will do nothing to encourage business, secure jobs or advance health and safety. If the Commission wants to change port services, they'll have to go back and think again."
By aiming to throw out the proposal at the upcoming Parliament session Evans said:
"This shows the power and strength of the European Parliament. MEPs are flexing their muscles and telling the Commission that we will only work with decent proposals that will reap real benefits for people in Europe."

Voting to keep the legislation is the latest in a series gaffs from UKIP, who clearly have no understanding of EU transport policy or how the Parliament works.
Last month UKIP were the only members out of the 732 strong Parliament to vote against plans to make discrimination against disabled airline passengers a thing of the past.
All eyes will be on UKIP this Tuesday when the Port Services directive will be voted on. British Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour members remain united in their determination to throw the law out.

Source: European Parliament

UKIP in Ostrich withdrawal shocker!

The UK Independence Party has this week abandoned plans to take a fancy dress ostrich to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
The Eurosceptic party wanted to protest about this week’s debate on the European constitution.
However, UKIP organisers have apparently been deterred by new moves to improve the behaviour of MEPs.
Under the plan, also to be debated this week, MEPs who misbehave (for example, by dressing up as ostriches) could face the ultimate penalty: having their allowances withdrawn for up to 10 days.
UKIP insists it did not cave in under this threat. A UKIP spokesman admitted: “We couldn’t find an ostrich costume.”


UKIP bring benefits of the EU to the South West

Graham Booth MEP for the south west region this week showed overwhelming support for a new development in his constituency, by promising to use EU funds to help get it up and running.
Booth said he offered "unreserved support" at the proposal to build a seafood park at Newlyn Coombe. "I have nothing but encouragement for the team who have put together this deal. I have written a letter to the South West Regional Development Authority [SWRDA], informing them they have my unreserved support, and offering any help which I can deliver from the European Parliament.
UKIP who are traditionally dead set against EU assistance in developing smaller regions of the EU, only last month blasted Tony Blair for beefing up the EU budget to help rural areas like the south west.
Booth added: "Developments on green field sites and the environmental issues they arouse, must always be balanced against the needs of the local community. There is no contest on this issue; it is crucial that fishing remains as a viable industry. I have every hope that a deal can be struck by SWRDA and look forward to hearing the developments as they unfold."

Source: UKIP

Thursday, January 5

UKIP admit to rigging BBC poll

A BBC poll revealed this week has named EU Commission President Jose Barroso as the most powerful man in the UK.

Barroso, was voted the man with the most power over Britain in a Today Programme Listeners Poll on ‘Who Runs Britain’ following a debate on the programme with daily items presented over several weeks.

The poll, which saw Prime Minister Tony Blair trail home in seventh position behind the likes of media mogul, Rupert Murdoch and Tesco chief executive Sir Terry Leahy now appears to have been rigged by UKIP supporters.

UKIP and Daniel Hannan, the fiercely Eurosceptic Conservative MEP have both admitted to the Guardian that they separately sent emails encouraging supporters to vote for Mr Barroso.

UKIP's press officer in Brussels, Gawain Towler , said: "It would be a lie to say that people weren't encouraging each other - of course we were."

Mr Hannan said : "I had no idea Ukip were doing it. I was going to take sole credit for it. I heard the programme and thought why not tell people?"

UKIP leader, Roger Knapman who it seems was also in on the ploy sent a message of congratulation to UKIP supporters, telling the BBC:

"It is the only chance you'll get to vote for him [Barroso] or for that matter against him.

He is now a bureaucrat perceived as the most important man in this country and that is quite shocking."

In response to the result, former Europe Minister Dennis McShane MP said that it was "an urban myth" to suggest that Britain's laws were decided solely by Europe.

Source: Guardian, 5 January 2006

Monday, January 2

Knapman wants a return to post war Britain

"Id rather live in 1945," was UKIP Leader Roger Knapman's new year message to party members at the start of 2006.
In setting out UKIP's aims for the new year, Knapman suggested that UKIP must fight the European Union, in a similar way to which allied forces had to fight Hitler's Nazi regime.
"In 1945 we were at least able to celebrate the defeat of the last great effort to create a united Europe.....Britain had summoned up its every effort to preserve its freedom and independence. In 2006, in a different way, we have to do the same.
Referring to the way in which Tony Blair recently blasted UKIP MEPs in the European Parliament for their outdated views, telling them they are more akin to war time Europe, Knapman said:
"I’m glad Tony Blair brought up the subject of 1945. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. "
So far in this Parliamentary term the UK independence Party has failed to make any impact in the European Parliament, becoming a standing joke amongst fellow MEPs for their financial misdemeanours and lack of understanding of EU policy. Their MEPs are regularly absent in key debates where British interests are at stake.
Knapman therefore urged the party to sharpen up its act for 2006:
"In 2006 it rests with us to fight for the cause of British independence. We must increase our strength and effectiveness so that the old Parties know they cannot press on with their European policies unchallenged or hide them from public view."

Source: UKIP

Polish MEPs turn their back on UKIP

Three Polish MEPs have walked out of the Independence and Democracy (IND/DEM) group in the European Parliament to sit as non attached Members.
The three Members of the Polish League of Families Party had sat alongside the UK Independence Party making up the IND/DEM group.
Their decision to quit the group will come as a blow to Nigel Farage and UKIP. The three Polish defectors,Maciej Giertych, Sylwester Chruszcz and Bernard Wojciechowski will take with them not only their three valuable votes but also cash and resources that the struggling party so desperately needs.
The Independence and democracy group is now one of the smallest groups in the Parliament, made up of 33 MEPs, 10 of which are from the UK Independence party.

Source: Independence and Democracy Group