Monday, January 16

European Parliament Prepares to Pick up Pieces of UKIP's mess.

This week 6000 angry dockworkers will be descending on the European Parliament in Strasbourg to show their fury at European Commission proposals to open up ports to competition.
If put in place, the port services directive would mean opening up EU ports to external competition- something which has angered dockers' unions who claim the plans will put 25,000 jobs at risk.
The whole situation however could have been avoided if it wasn't for a clueless UKIP MEP on the Parliament's Transport committee.
The Transport committee had the opportunity to throw out the draft law last month, when Socialist MEPs supported by both Tories and Lib Dems put forward a motion to send the proposals to the scrap heap.
Howver, UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass along with former UKIP MEP Ashley Mote -so used to voting against whatever is put in front of them, voted against throwing the sloppy legislation out.

Labour MEP Robert Evans said: "We didn't try to reject this proposal for the sake of it. It is because the proposals in front of us will do nothing to encourage business, secure jobs or advance health and safety. If the Commission wants to change port services, they'll have to go back and think again."
By aiming to throw out the proposal at the upcoming Parliament session Evans said:
"This shows the power and strength of the European Parliament. MEPs are flexing their muscles and telling the Commission that we will only work with decent proposals that will reap real benefits for people in Europe."

Voting to keep the legislation is the latest in a series gaffs from UKIP, who clearly have no understanding of EU transport policy or how the Parliament works.
Last month UKIP were the only members out of the 732 strong Parliament to vote against plans to make discrimination against disabled airline passengers a thing of the past.
All eyes will be on UKIP this Tuesday when the Port Services directive will be voted on. British Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour members remain united in their determination to throw the law out.

Source: European Parliament

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