Monday, January 2

Knapman wants a return to post war Britain

"Id rather live in 1945," was UKIP Leader Roger Knapman's new year message to party members at the start of 2006.
In setting out UKIP's aims for the new year, Knapman suggested that UKIP must fight the European Union, in a similar way to which allied forces had to fight Hitler's Nazi regime.
"In 1945 we were at least able to celebrate the defeat of the last great effort to create a united Europe.....Britain had summoned up its every effort to preserve its freedom and independence. In 2006, in a different way, we have to do the same.
Referring to the way in which Tony Blair recently blasted UKIP MEPs in the European Parliament for their outdated views, telling them they are more akin to war time Europe, Knapman said:
"I’m glad Tony Blair brought up the subject of 1945. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. "
So far in this Parliamentary term the UK independence Party has failed to make any impact in the European Parliament, becoming a standing joke amongst fellow MEPs for their financial misdemeanours and lack of understanding of EU policy. Their MEPs are regularly absent in key debates where British interests are at stake.
Knapman therefore urged the party to sharpen up its act for 2006:
"In 2006 it rests with us to fight for the cause of British independence. We must increase our strength and effectiveness so that the old Parties know they cannot press on with their European policies unchallenged or hide them from public view."

Source: UKIP

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