Monday, January 2

Polish MEPs turn their back on UKIP

Three Polish MEPs have walked out of the Independence and Democracy (IND/DEM) group in the European Parliament to sit as non attached Members.
The three Members of the Polish League of Families Party had sat alongside the UK Independence Party making up the IND/DEM group.
Their decision to quit the group will come as a blow to Nigel Farage and UKIP. The three Polish defectors,Maciej Giertych, Sylwester Chruszcz and Bernard Wojciechowski will take with them not only their three valuable votes but also cash and resources that the struggling party so desperately needs.
The Independence and democracy group is now one of the smallest groups in the Parliament, made up of 33 MEPs, 10 of which are from the UK Independence party.

Source: Independence and Democracy Group

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