Saturday, January 21

UKIP Anger MEPs With Autism Jibe

This week, UKIP had scheduled a meeting critical of the European parliament for debating the future of the European Constitution. The renown politically incorrect Party entitled the press conference "Parliamentary Autism".
This angered some members, including Labour MEP Richard Howitt a member of the Parliaments disability intergroup, who called on UKIP to withdraw the title as it was offensive to people with autism.
However, the East Midlands Conservative MEP, Roger Helmer, responded to Howitt by asking him, via email: "Would you have a problem if I were to write a maritime novel and say 'the ship was crippled by a torpedo'? Perhaps you would but, if so, it only illustrates the absurd lengths to which political correctness and the verbal fascism of the left has gone."

Source: The Guardian, 19 January 2006

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